No Nicotine a No-go? Not at All – Nicotine-free Vaping Benefits

One of the great things about vaping – which we’re sure all vapers would doubtless agree on – is its flexibility and variety.

It’s an activity that involves the use of simple-to-use devices at one end of the spectrum (like the terrific IQOS Heets online), to complicated box mods at the other end. As vaping experiences go, it can deliver throaty hits on one hand and ‘cloud chasing’-tastic plumes on the other. Plus, it allows for high nicotine levels for would-be ex-smokers/ current smokers – or vaping with no nicotine at all.

Indeed, on its own, nicotine-free vaping is another advantage – certainly over cigarette-smoking – that the world of vaping offers. In fact, it’s a very big deal and here’s a few reasons why…

No nicotine – no addiction

Nicotine is, of course, the addictive chemical in tobacco that ensures smokers can’t give up; yet, while many vape juices also comprise nicotine, many others don’t, precisely to offer smokers who wish to ditch the ciggies the chance of turning to vaping so they can wean themselves off nicotine.

Indeed, vaping was created and, to a large extent, became a phenomenon for precisely this reason. The very first e-cig was dreamt up and then patented as an alternative to tobacco smoking with an emphasis on safeguarding health – and, therefore, yes, trying to free people from the hazards of tobacco tar and its toxic ingredients.

Given this origin, then, it’s worth pointing out, too, that vape juice was naturally created *without* nicotine as a primary ingredient; it’s always *added* to the base ingredients of an e-liquid to make it nicotine-featuring e-juice. Even the caffeine in coffee, as a contrast, has to be removed to make decaffeinated coffee.

Feed a sweet tooth and cut the calories

Those with a sweet tooth, rejoice! Vaping’s definitely to your, well, taste – and you don’t need nicotine to sate your desire for experiencing lip-smacking sweet flavours, while avoiding piling on the pounds by piling those unhealthy sweet treats into your mouth.

In fact, some diabetics love vaping great-tasting candy, pudding and breakfast cereal e-juice flavours (and more) entirely because they can’t enjoy snacking on sugary, saturate-fat-packed sweets. And, yes, given nicotine isn’t one of a vape juice’s base ingredients, it’s 100% possible to do this via non-nicotine e-liquids from the likes of a vape shop London.

Want a nicotine break? Carry on vaping

Even if they don’t mean to, those who need to/ like to vape e-juice with nicotine may have a tendency to overdo the nicotine now and again, especially when they’re new to the vaping game and testing their limits and what they’re comfortable with as a vape experience. The perfect remedy, then, is to take a break… not from vaping, though; from vaping *nicotine*. Such vapers may choose to try one or two vapes without nicotine for, say, a day or two.

Going nicotine-free means smooth vapes – and more

Prefer the idea of a vape without that mild thump in the throat and that slight hit to the chest? Sure, many recent ex-smokers and those looking to become ex-smokers like that kind of tobacco-style hit, given it’s reminiscent of the smoking experience and helps ensure vaping is, indeed, a substitute for smoking – as they attempt to wean themselves off nicotine.

Yet, far from all vapers want that hit. Many, as they succeed in lowering their nicotine levels, get used to and begin to enjoy the sensation of a smoother vape, in conjunction with savouring the variety of fantastic flavours on offer, the opportunity to generate lots of vapour plumes (and potentially become a ‘cloud chaser’) and more besides. So, yes, all these opportunities await vapers when they reduce their nicotine intake – and eventually vape nicotine-free.