Nicotine: Patches, Gum, and Vaping

Nicotine Patches

A Nicotine patch is a pharmaceutical nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) that became available in the early ’90s. It has faced controversy over its effectiveness ever since. Small transdermal patches containing various strengths of nicotine are released into the person’s bloodstream with the intent to reduce cigarette cravings.

Manufacturers of these patches have claimed that they double a smoker’s chances of success when attempting to quit, but results from independent studies have varied.

Nicotine patches prompted a surge of research on the consequences of nicotine without the confounding component of smoke. Findings have been made regarding the possible health benefits and medical uses for nicotine thanks to the patch, including likely treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease, and some distinct cognitive impairments like memory loss and dementia.

Study on ageing patients that have nicotine patches has also led to the knowledge that nicotine without the supercharged via inhaled smoke has a very small ability to result in addiction. Patients who utilised nicotine patches for several months experienced no withdrawal symptoms after the trials ended.

Here are some advantages of Nicotine patches 

  • It does not produce clouds
  • It is very discreet to vape
  • It can be taken in public spaces without prohibition
  • You do not need to experience mess or hassle with gadgets or complicated refills
  • For people who do not like smoking behaviour, this is perfect as it doesn’t emulate smoking behaviour
  • It is not banned in any countries
  • Compared to smoking, health risks are negligible 
  • It has a low potential for addiction

The cons of Nicotine patches revolves around the fact that

  • Dosing may be hard to adjust
  • It makes users feel light-headed or nauseated sometimes
  • It may lead to vivid dreams 
  •  Sticky patch can aggravate sensitive skin 
  • A square of your skin will be slightly off colour unless you’re a perfect match

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Nicotine Gum

Sun State Cbd Gummies

Nicotine gum has been around since the mid-1980s. The gum which originally required a doctor’s prescription is now sold all over the world, usually over the counter. 

How it works 

The user absorbs nicotine through the soft tissue of the mouth and into the bloodstream as he/she first chews the gum. After that, they place it between their gums and cheek when it starts to “tingle”. They continue this process until the gum loses its potency.

The pros of Nicotine Gum include:

  • It gives fresh breath
  • It could be a distracting stimulus, especially for smokers who like to chew gum when they can’t smoke
  • It doesn’t produce smoke or vapour produced while enjoying
  • It can be taken on an aircraft  in a public space without worry
  • It is beneficial for users that like chewing tobacco

The cons include;

  • It is not great for public speakers
  • Improper chewing could lead to a quick uptake in the entire dose 
  • Has proven to correlate with weight gain 
  • Problematic with certain dental work


cbd vape

Vaping is carried out when a vape e-liquid that contains nicotine or is nicotine-free is exposed to a heating element and then inhaled. Vaping combines mouth-feel, habit, flavour and nicotine to provide the sensations that smokers crave, without the combustion that kills smokers.


  • Vapers experience the sensation of smoking without the dangers of breathing actual smoke
  • It is available in a lot of flavours
  • It provides genuine hand-to-mouth action
  • Vapers gret to determine how much vapour they want
  •  Does not taste like real smoke
  • You get to smell like your favourite treat and taste your favourite treats


  • It can be complicated and overwhelming for beginners
  • Getting the right flavour and equipment may be costly and time-consuming
  • E-liquids may pose  danger to kids and animals if left unattended
  • Inexperienced people still think you’re smoking

In conclusion, individuals’ choices play a big role in determining which method is the best. Entire industries have been created around the notion of safer nicotine consumption, and the future looks bright for individuals who seek alternative nicotine delivery.