Pod Mods Or Dry Herb – Which Is Best For You?

Vaping has long since become one of the most important smoking cessation tools on the market, attracting millions of users the world over and diminishing the damaging effects of smoking. It goes without saying that as an industry increases in demand, broader ranges of products begin being developed, and more advanced ones too. 

This is where pod mods and dry herb vaporisers come in. These two ingenious products use the same heat not burn technology but deliver nicotine in completely different ways. There are many similarities to them but at the end of the day, pod mods and dry herb e-cigs are made for different types of customers. This blog will explore how both types of devices have revolutionised the vaping industry and the types of customers that they are best suited to. Whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned veteran, at least one of these two heat not burn technologies can enhance the way you vape and gift you with a new collection of stellar nicotine replacements. 

What Is A Pod Mod?

A pod mod is a vape device that utilises cartridges instead of a tank. Once these cartridges are empty, the cartridge is simply discarded and a new one slotted in. Devices such as the Vype starter kit are usually small in shape and inhale activated, although you might find some with a fire button. The e-liquids they use are often highly concentrated with nicotine, making them perfect for recent ex-smokers who are beginning their vaping journey.

What Is A Dry Herb Vaporiser?

Dry herb vaporisers like the PAX 2 vaporiser UK are more complex heat not burn devices that vaporise organic matter with higher and often switchable temperatures. Using an oven compartment, these devices use a specially designed filter system to shield the user from the organic matter’s toxins. Organic matter in dry herb vapes usually means tobacco or CBD loose leaf extract, which are just two of many vapeable products that you might fill your vaporiser’s oven compartment with.

Pod Mod Keeps It Simple

Pod mods are usually incredibly simple to use, which is why they draw vaping newcomers. Easy and quick charging systems such as the JUUL portable charging kit make pod mods easier and more discreet to use whilst on the go. Their low power and internal battery might provide a smaller vape hit, but the premium e-liquids are tasty, affordable and pack a punch.

Dry Herb Opens Up New Vaping Avenues

Dry herb vaporisers might require a little more set-up than pod mods, but they open up the vaping experience into something more diverse and sometimes, even more authentic. Devices such as the IQOS and its HEETS cartridges ordered online are compressed tobacco cartridges that are probably the most smoking adjacent vaping experience out there. Furthermore, ex-smokers might find that they are drawn to CBD when they start using dry herb vaporisers, an entirely different kind of vaping experience. 

All in all, pod mods are easier to get to grips with and are great for those who want minimal fuss in their vaping experience, but dry herb vaporisers provide a unique experience that can be likened to smoking when using compressed tobacco products like the IQOS.