Pods or Mods – Which Device Should You Choose for Vaping?

No question; the vaping universe is a diverse place, which is particularly obvious for the amount of choice it offers all those who are a part of it. A good example of this all are the various flavours – PG-dominant and VG-heavy among them – to choose from. But, before you can dedicate any time to selecting the right vape juice, you need to take some time to decide on what’s the right equipment for you to actually use for vaping.

In a lot of cases, this means using a mod or a pod. Now, you’ll find that a mod makes use of a refillable tank and, in when it’s a mech mod, should be thoroughly customisable, which means it’s ideal for those who want to make vaping their hobby. Conversely, a pod (such as the one included in an IQOS 3 starter kit) is far more self-contained and simpler to prepare for use and actually use – it only requires you to snap in e-juice cartridges before you can start vaping.

In which case, we come to that inevitable question: a mod versus a pod – which should you choose…?

  • Mods mean power – thanks to all their super-smart tech, mods are fundamentally about generating a good deal of power via high wattage settings, significant firing power and superior temperature control; so, in contrast to pods, mods can deliver vapers big throaty hits, great vapour clouds and increased flavour
  • Pods look stylish – offering sleek, impressive ergonomic designs and aesthetics, pods probably still have the edge here over mods (although the latter may be catching up, these days), what with with their slim designs, ensuring they can be slipped into pockets and small clutch bags and, looking a bit like cigar tube-esque smartphones, have the air of cool urban accessories
  • Mods may be cheaper – in the short term, this surely isn’t the case but, in the long term, it may just be, given that (unlike pods) e-cig mods London don’t require you to buy cartridge after cartridge of e-liquid; instead, you’ll blithely be buying longer-lasting bottles of e-juice (even so, sharp vapers who use either pods or mods always keep their eyes peeled for online bargains for the very best e-liquids and vaping equipment)
  • Pods are easier to use – if you’re a fan of simply hitting up great-tasting e-juices, then ease-of-use is probably important to you and it would most likely follow that you’d be only too happy to plump for buying a pod; especially as you can just scoop up yours at the start of the day, snap in its e-juice cartridge and off you go with absolutely none of the fiddling about necessary to customise it, as you might have to with a (mech) mod, as an excellently designed and well-made pod should work perfectly fine, straightaway.

So, to conclude; yes, it’s true that mods are definitely more powerful than pods, but they’re also more complicated, ensuring then it all depends on what you as vaper want from your everyday vaping experience. A mod or a pod? They have distinct differences but great benefits to choose between, too.