HEETS Green Selection for IQOS


Experience the refreshing taste of IQOS Heets Green, a menthol-infused blend designed for a crisp and invigorating tobacco experience. Specially crafted for use with the IQOS system, these tobacco sticks offer a clean and satisfying alternative to traditional smoking. Elevate your moments with the cool and distinctive flavor of Heets Green – where innovation meets refreshment. Redefine your tobacco enjoyment with this menthol masterpiece, bringing a breath of fresh air to your vaping experience.

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Embark on a refreshing journey with IQOS Heets Green, a carefully crafted blend designed to invigorate your senses. Tailored for use with the IQOS system, these tobacco sticks offer a unique and crisp menthol flavor that provides a cooling sensation with every puff.

IQOS Heets Green brings you the pleasure of menthol without the smoke, offering a cleaner alternative to traditional smoking. The innovative IQOS technology heats rather than burns the tobacco, ensuring a satisfying experience while minimizing the impact on your surroundings.

Indulge in the distinctive taste of menthol with Heets Green, where innovation meets flavor. Immerse yourself in the crisp and refreshing notes, and redefine your tobacco experience with this menthol masterpiece designed for the modern connoisseur. Elevate your moments with IQOS Heets Green – a breath of fresh air in the world of tobacco enjoyment.

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