KILO Coffee Milk Shortfill 100ml E-liquid (0mg)


Elevate your vaping experience with KILO Coffee Milk Short Fill 100ml E-liquid. This expertly crafted blend combines the robust flavor of freshly brewed coffee with the velvety sweetness of milk. In a generous 100ml bottle, this short fill allows for customization, enabling you to add your preferred nicotine shot for a personalized experience. Immerse yourself in the rich and satisfying clouds of KILO Coffee Milk, a perfect harmony for coffee enthusiasts seeking a premium vaping treat.

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Awaken your senses with the robust and rich flavor of KILO Coffee Milk Short Fill 100ml E-liquid. Crafted to perfection, this e-liquid captures the essence of freshly brewed coffee blended with velvety milk, creating a delightful fusion that’s perfect for coffee lovers and vapers alike.

In each 100ml bottle, KILO brings you the bold taste of premium coffee beans, complemented by the creamy sweetness of milk. This harmonious combination delivers a smooth and satisfying vaping experience, reminiscent of your favorite coffeehouse beverage.

As a short fill, this e-liquid is nicotine-free, allowing you the freedom to customize your nicotine levels. Simply add your preferred nicotine shot, shake well, and indulge in the rich and aromatic clouds of Coffee Milk.

Immerse yourself in the indulgent world of KILO Coffee Milk, where the aromatic allure of coffee meets the creamy embrace of milk in a perfect symphony of flavor. Elevate your vaping routine with this premium creation that promises a truly satisfying and energizing vape.