RELX PRO POD Tangy Grape (Pack of 2)


Upgrade your vaping experience with RELX Pro Tangy Grape Pods. These enhanced pods, designed for the RELX Essential kit, feature a ceramic coil for improved flavor delivery and faster heating. Each pod contains 1.9ml of e-liquid with 18mg of salt nicotine, ensuring a smoother throat hit. Perfect for MTL vaping, these pods offer a discreet and satisfying experience. Enjoy the sweet notes of dark grape and candy on inhale, finished with a refreshing icy mint twist. Elevate your vape with RELX Pro Tangy Grape Pods.

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The RELX Pro Tangy Grape pods represent an enhanced version of the standard pods for the RELX essential kit. Still containing 1.9ml of e-liquid, this version features a ceramic coil rather than Kanthal, resulting in a coil that delivers better flavor from e-liquid and heats up faster. Providing a vaping experience that feels closer to a cigarette and is more discreet, the RELX pods are the ideal option for MTL vaping.


1.9ml Prefilled Pod
18mg Nic Salt
Built-In Ceramic Coil
MTL Vaping
The e-liquid inside each pod uses salt nicotine at an 18mg strength, ensuring a smoother throat hit even at this higher strength. The RELX range offers flavors to suit every palate, including fruit, menthol, soda, and dessert options. The Tangy Grape flavor combines the sweet notes of dark grape and candy on inhale, complemented by an icy mint finish.

2 x RELX Pro Tangy Grape Pods

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