7 Battery Safety Tips to Keep You Protected This Season

Cbd vape batteries have more powerful cells which need to be handled carefully. Even though battery safety advice may seem like common sense to those who have prior knowledge of how it works, new vapers are on the other hand often handed a vape mod and a couple of 18650s without any advice on how to properly handle them.

Note that this is not your regular mechanical mod safety manual. If you own a regulated vape mod that is powered by batteries like 18650s or 21700s, then this manual is for you.

Ensure Your Battery Wraps Are Kept Intact

Always make sure that you keep wraps of your batteries and ensure they are retained in a very pristine condition to avoid any form of malfunction. 

If you notice a nick on the battery wrap, the safe thing to do is make sure you re-wrap the wraps. Battery wraps are quite cheap and very easy to put on. If you don’t have wraps, talk to your local cbd vape shop.

Ensure you make use of the right batteries

Some batteries are better used for low-wattage vaping while others are better for sub-ohm vaping. Some other batteries are not supposed to be used for vaping at all. When selecting batteries for your mod, ensure that they come in the relevant specs. Reading ratings on the wraps only can often be misleading. Check for independent battery reviews, and always stay below your battery’s Continuous Discharge Rate.

Do Not Use Battery Cases Careless

Do not throw batteries in your pockets or your bags when not in use.  Instead, purchase yourself a cheap plastic battery case, as vulnerable batteries might short circuit when they come in contact with metal objects. This may result in your battery venting and potentially exploding. Buying battery cases is a great solution for carrying your cells as they come in a variety of materials and designs.

Make sure you are on the lookout for counterfeit Batteries

Counterfeit batteries are now a thing. Today, Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic  (the big three) are the most commonly counterfeited brands due to their higher price tag. Constantly buy batteries from reputable vendors, as they will go out of their way to make sure their batteries are authentic.

Always use a dedicated charger

It is now feasible for you to charge your batteries directly in your mod. However, it is always safer to use a dedicated battery charger. 

Amping up a bit in the price  of your dedicated charger may add some much-needed features like battery data and health monitoring

Never leave your batteries charging unattended

When you are making use of your charger, having your batteries charging unattended is not a good idea especially when you are charging at night.  Even though this is very rare, battery chargers are electronic devices so failures are not unheard of. Always be vigilant of your charging batteries and place them in battery cases when you are not around.

Never over-drain your batteries

If possible, try not to completely drain your batteries when using them. Lithium-ion batteries have the tendency to lose more capacity the more you let them discharge. Most mods always come with some form of battery level indication. Taking your batteries out to charge before it is completely drained will prolong its life and increase the number of cycles you will be able to get out of them.

If you are using a mod that takes more than one battery,  keep them married ie; always use the same pair and always together—it’s a safe practice. This will guarantee that the cells get the same number of charges/discharges and would help to further delay imbalances in capacity and performance.

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