Should I Buy A Mech Mod?

Vaping has seen many innovations in the past decade. From nicotine salt e-liquids to heated tobacco devices such as the IQOS and their HEETS Sienna flavours, there’s a lot that can be done with heat not burn technology.

As variable devices and customisable e-liquids like short fills become more popular, some types of device are overlooked, at least by less advanced vapers. Mechanical mods are among these types of device, incredibly powerful vape mods that whilst high quality, leave a lot of work to the user. This blog will explore what exactly a mechanical mod is, and whether you vape high concentrate nicotine, CBD buds or sub-ohm juices, what kind of vaper they suit. 

What Is A Mechanical Mod?

Put simply, a mechanical mod is a vape device that you build yourself. When you buy a mech mod kit, what you’re supplied with is the deck and a body, the rest of the components are up to you to source or build. The reason for this is that a mech mod’s customisability is part of the fun, and gives advanced vapers with knowledge of Ohm’s Law the chance to enjoy building and replacing coils, atomisers and batteries in their device. This gives you more power to experiment with flavour, temperature and vapour production.

Features Of  A Mechanical Mod

Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser

One of the main unique features of a mech mod is that they are almost always built without a tank. Instead, you use a specially designed “RDA” atomiser, that provides a gap into which you drip e-liquid directly onto the wicking cotton. This might mean that your device is less transportable, you/ll have to keep dripping e-liquid onto it every five to ten puffs, but the taste is more potent and the e-liquid more satisfying. You can buy rebuildable dripping atomisers from many e-cig shops in London.


The great thing about mechanical mods is that you can build one with almost any type of battery on the market. This gives you near-unlimited power when it comes to vape output, but the most common – and safest – type to use is the standard rechargeable 18650 battery. Make sure you know the amperage and lifespan of your battery so that you can factor in its power with the resistance, voltage and wattage of your coil and atomiser. 

Unregulated Circuits

Most mech mods work with unregulated circuits because of the very fact that you build them yourself. Unregulated circuits have no power breaker that switches the system off if the power gets too high. You have free reign over your vape build, but with this comes a level of responsibility that has to be learnt.

Safety Is Key

Whilst the safest thing to do when finding a smoking cessation tool would be to use nicotine gum or Lyft Nicotine powder, these alternatives are nowhere near as fun as a mechanical mod. But you do need to know your way around Ohm’s Law and wire circuits as if you overload your battery or heat up your device too much it could explode or cause an electrical fire. 

To stay safe when using a hybrid set-up (a mech mod that has an atomiser directly touching the battery), one note is to make sure that the atomiser has a positive pin that is longer than its negative. This means that the positive and the negative doctors don’t touch, which could make your battery explode.