Should I Buy A Pod Mod Or An IQOS Device?

Ex-smokers who are thinking of switching to vaping will, in this day and age, be spoilt for choice. From the wide ranges of e-liquids that span the cloud heavy to the nicotine kickers, you’ll find countless flavours to try and test. There’s a perfect fit (and hit) for everyone, and this can sometimes be a little overwhelming, especially when paired with the heady choice of vape devices now being sold on the market. And that’s a whole other side of vaping’s flexibility, with variable current-controlled devices to temperature focussed vapes, you’ve got a lot to choose from, and that’s before we even get into the wide world of rebuildable mods!

There’s a lot to choose from, which is why sometimes it’s good to keep things simple, especially if you’re a first-timer. For those who are new to vaping, finding the right fit for your nicotine cravings and simplicity of the device you’re using are two of the key factors that you’ll most likely be focussing on. This blog will be exploring two of the most intuitive and nicotine heavy of the devices on the market – the pod mod and the IQOS UK. These two devices have quite a few similarities instead, but hold one key difference in their heat not burn technology. This blog will explore how each one could help you on your journey to tobacco freedom and the key points that make them so effective.

Pod Mod

Pod Mod

The pod mod is a vape device that sheds the standard tank model in favour of discreet designs and easy refilling. The pod mod uses cartridges of e-liquid which, when finished are simply thrown away and replaced. The pod mod might be inhale activated or could have a fire button, but usually doesn’t comprise of any more complicated controls than that.


The pod mod is known for being discreet. Devices such as the Vype or Mystment systems are small and pocket-sized. If you squinted hard enough, they might even resemble a cigar or a cigarette. These devices are perfect for vaping without drawing attention to yourself and utilise a similar vaping technique (mouth to lung) to smoking cigarettes. 

Flavour Range


The flavour range of pod mods puts a focus on richness and depth. Whilst sub-ohm e-liquids favour sweetness and vapour density, the pod mod is known for the nuance and strength of its flavours, often balancing their compounds at 50/50 PG/VG. Propylene glycol is the compound in e-liquids that is responsible for its taste and nicotine concentration.



The IQOS vape device is a heat not burn device with a difference. Utilising the same cartridge-based technology as the pod mod, IQOS devices instead create compact tobacco cylinders that are heated to a temperature at which they vaporise, priming them for inhalation without having to use fire. You can buy HEETS online at CBD Vape 4 U in many authentic flavours.

Heated Tobacco

Using the IQOS AC power adapter, heated tobacco uses a similar system to the pod mod. The HEETS are heated up and drawn through a triple filtered system, ridding the vapour of any carcinogens or toxic chemicals usually associated with cigarettes. The flavours are perfect for recent ex-smokers too, utilising the depths and complexities of cigarette brands and flavours and elevating the taste using heat not burn technology.