Should I Buy My Vape Products In-Store Or Online?

Over the last decade, vaping has become one of the most popular and readily available smoking cessation tools. With the discomfort of nicotine patches and the low nicotine concentration of gum, vaping can provide not only more flexibility and satisfaction but variety too. On top of this, vaping has become far more accessible and widely accepted in mainstream culture, meaning that it is found in far more shops than gum and patches ever were. 

Whilst other smoking cessation tools are only found in supermarkets and pharmacies, vaping products are everywhere, from our very own vape shop in Blackfriars Station to your local corner shop. There’s a huge marketplace for them online too, making it even easier to find great value wholesale deals and bundle packs. 

But if you’re a first-time vaper, where’s the best place to start? Online shops and high street retailers both have their own benefits, and you might find that one suits you more than the other. From bundle packs of Vype CBD to collectable special edition e-cigarettes, here are the pros and cons of buying online and in-store.

Online Retailers

Online retailers might be a specific vape brand website or a digital shop that sells a variety of products such as CBD Heets. These companies usually store their stock in a warehouse, from where it is dispatched when an order comes in from an online customer.

Wholesale And Deals

One of the best things about online shops is that they have more flexibility with deals. Many online vape retailers sell directly to high street shops, who, when buying over a certain threshold, will see the prices per unit drop significantly. The same goes with clearance deals for recreational customers. Online means near limitless space for stock and this can mean a wider range of deals than you might find on the high street. 

Often More Choice

As mentioned, limitless space online means that the only limit is in the size of the warehouse where vape products are stocked. If you want more choice of nicotine concentrations, PG/VG ratios and flavour ranges, then online retailers can deliver more options than a physical retailer has space to.

You’ll Have To Wait For Your Delivery

The only problem with shopping online is the wait for your product. If your stock of Nasty CBD has run out and your local high street doesn’t stock it, you might have to wait a few days for your delivery to arrive. 

Vape shops

You can find vape shops on almost every high street in the UK. these shops specialise in vape products and often sell the most cutting edge vape tech on the market. You can try and test products too, although that might be a little trickier during the COVID pandemic. 

Help On Hand

Whilst you can find an answer to almost any question online, talking face to face with an expert can be a lot more fulfilling and help you feel that little bit more comfortable. Whether you want to learn how to replace your coil or how to clean your vape device, having a shop assistant talk you through it can be that little bit more engaging and memorable than an online video.

A Sense Of Community

Engaging socially and talking about vaping with other likeminded vape shop customers can instil a sense of community in the vaping experience. This, in turn, can stop ex-smokers straying back to tobacco and help you to keep on your path to a less unhealthy lifestyle.