Should I Go for A High or Low Nicotine Concentration?

Nicotine concentrations might seem like just a small aspect of the vaping experience when setting against the array of vape brands, PG VG mixes, flavour and device setups. One of the reasons for this is quite simply that the vape liquid concentration, measured in milligrams per 10 millilitres, is printed on the box on rather small letters. The reality, however, is that nicotine concentrations can make or break a vaping experience. With different sensations and satisfaction levels, the vaping experience you personally have can really depend on the nicotine concentration that you’re vaping with. 

Nicotine concentrations can often be the make or break for ex-smokers looking to make the jump, and this means that it’s well worth getting to grips with, especially for your own personal satisfaction. Whether you’re vaping with a basic silver JUUL starter kit or a rebuildable, unregulated mod, there is a true balance when it comes to the relationship between nicotine concentration, device, and personal satisfaction. 

What are the Nicotine Concentrations?

Nicotine concentrations are measured in milligrams per 10 millilitres but come with a broad variety of different measurements. The TPD Laws of 2016 state that no vape liquid can contain more than 20 mg per 10 ml, and so the boundaries for nicotine concentrations are between 0 mg and 20 mg. With pre-made liquids, these are usually measured by 3 mg, 6 mg, 9 mg, 12 mg, 16 mg and 18 mg, giving plenty of variety.

How Do You Know What’s Right for You?

The logic is quite simple really. If you were a heavy smoker before switching to vaping, then a higher nicotine concentration will usually satisfy you, if you were a light smoker then a lower or mid-range nicotine concentrations will usually do the trick. For those who have never been addicted to nicotine, then it is advised that you vape with nicotine-free liquids.

Tips for Your Personal Sweet Spot

Mouth to Lung Vaping

Mouth to lung vaping is the method of smaller vape hits with bigger taste. This is the method of vaping that is most comparable to smoking tobacco and is usually used on devices preferred by ex-smokers. With this in mind, high nicotine concentrations are usually preferred when mouth to lung vaping, especially because the devices are lower powered and therefore lighter in their vapour output. 

Direct to Lung Vaping

Direct to Lung Vaping is usually reserved for higher powered vape devices as it requires a large amount of vapour to be inhaled in one breath. Preferred by cloud chasers and vape trick enthusiasts, this method of vaping can be very overwhelming if using a high nicotine concentration, and so 3 to 6 mg vape juices are usually opted for. 

Short Fills and CBD

With that in mind, short fill e liquids are usually sold with no nicotine at all. This is for the purposes of mixing the users own nicotine shots into the empty 10 or 20 percent of the short fill bottle and perfecting a personalised mix that is just right for them. Joining the nicotine-free vape liquid community, most CBD shops in London and the UK sell their CBD vape liquids with no added nicotine. The purposes of these e liquids are not to satisfy nicotine cravings, but instead to embrace the soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits of cannabidiol.