Should I Use A Vape Mod or A Pod Mod?

The age-old question that vapers will always ask is – what device is right for me? From the complicated but highly adaptable unregulated mod to the quick and easy cigalike, vape devices have always been a point of debate and contention among the vaping community. Whether you’re vaping with nicotine salts or CBD vape juice, there are pros and cons to every device. With differing capabilities and daily applications, you might even find that a seasoned vaper will have a different e-cig for all seasons, switching between two or even three depending on where they are what they’re doing. Whether on the go or vaping from home, the devices out there will vary in the experiences they offer. 

Two of the most popular vape devices are the vape mod and the pod mod, but of course, whilst they’re popular, each species comes with its own benefits and shortcomings. For those looking to invest in a new vape device, this blog will help you to determine whether you should opt for a pod mod or a variable mod.

Pod Mods

Pod mods are simple to use devices that provide punchy flavours on discreet, low powered devices. Unique pod mods such as the JUUL Slate Device Kit are designed with flavour and style in mind. With pocket sizes and a hearty variety of flavours to try, most pod mods even work without a fire button, instead opting for inhale activated vaping simplicity. 


One of the draws to pod mods is that many of the best ones are very discreet and subtly stylish. Usually resembling a pen or even a slim USB stick, these devices can easily fit in the pocket and their pods replaced with ease. 

Easy to Use

As mentioned, to use a pod mod, one will usually click in the pod and inhale from the mouthpiece. This ease of use may suit those who are new to vaping and therefore want an easy, effective hit over a more refined experience. The juices available accommodate low powered ease over fine-tuned complexity, usually opting for higher nicotine levels and an equally balanced PG VG ratio, ensuring a strong taste and throat hit.

Vape Mods

Vape mods are far more versatile that pod mods and can come in a choice of regulated or unregulated systems. Unregulated systems lend themselves to circuit building and therefore are reserved for the more seasoned vaper. Regulated vape mods usually contain temperature control and variable current dials as well as replaceable atomisers, coils and mouthpieces.

Almost Unlimited Variation

It is for the above reasons that vape mods lend themselves to almost unlimited choice. From the sub-ohm and wattage/voltage control to the type of e-liquid you use within it, there is far more to play with than the limited pod mods. Whilst limited might be easier, vape mods act as a playground for the more curious and adventurous vaper. 

More Bang for Your Buck

With the replaceability of a vape mods components, the device will most likely last longer than its pod mod counterparts. Though the best of them can be a lot more expensive, their longevity comes down to their versatility and the wide variety of choices that come with them.