Should I Use Edibles Or Loose Leaf?

With CBD’s quite recent legalisation in the UK, the industry has grown rapidly since the year 2015. With many people utilising the unique terpene in vape juices and oils, the benefits have become ever more apparent as experts have pushed the boundaries of CBD form. From oils and tinctures to topical creams, CBD has found many uses in the wider world. 

But what is right for you? Each use of CBD comes with its own set of benefits, and some might suit you better than others. In this blog, we’ll be breaking down two of the most traditional ways to use cannabis derivatives, loose-leaf and edibles to see which type is best for your needs and how efficiency and absorption are affected by each.

CBD Loose-leaf

The many CBD flower UK strains now available from hemp shops and CBD suppliers have seen exponential growth over the last few years. Most only have around 0.1 percent THC within their sample, meaning that they are legal to sell. CBD loose-leaf is a natural extract straight from the plant itself, and so contains none of the added ingredients of other forms of CBD.


In the UK, CBD loose-leaf is usually vaped on a dry herb vaporiser. These stylish devices allow you to pack the over component with loose-leaf extract and inhale the vapours produced from the heat not burn based system. Vaping CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream far quicker than ingesting CBD. this is because it finds its way into the body through the mouth, lungs and gums and doesn’t need to be broken down by the liver.

Most Natural Form

As mentioned, loose-leaf is extracted straight from the source, so if you’re a fan of the herby taste of cannabis, then you’ll undoubtedly get your fix from the many unique strains available in the UK. Strains such as lemon haze and orange haze really do have a fruity undertone to their taste, adding depth and richness to the taste palette, just one of the many heightened pleasures that come with vaping CBD flower buds.

But You’ll Need Your Own Vape Kit

One downside to loose-leaf CBD vaping is that, if you don’t have a kit already, you’ll have to invest in one. Dry herb vaporisers can be a little expensive but are certainly worth the costs as they will last you a few years at the very least.

CBD Edibles

Whether it be cooked from an oil extract or pre-made, edible CBD is a versatile product that when eaten, gives you the benefits of cannabidiol. These can include anything from CBD gummy bears to CBD infused cakes and brownies.

Slow Acting

When eating CBD products, know that you won’t feel the effects instantly. Your food needs to be digested first, and the CBD then is broken down by the liver before they interact with your body. This is why CBD edibles won’t have a noticeable effect for a few hours after you eat it. If you’re using CBD for instant pain relief or mental health symptom relief, factor in the time-lapse or use a faster acting method.

Longer Lasting Effects

Though they take longer to affect you, the subtler effects of edibles will last for more time than loose leaf. Rather than a rush, you’ll feel a gradual, gentle lift from the CBD over the course of a few hours.

Get Creative

CBD edibles encourage you to get creative. With so many ways to cook and taste the terpene, the possibilities are only limited by your culinary imagination.