Should I Use Loose Leaf Or Heat Not Burn?

There are many variations on the classic e-liquid. Whether that be the IQOS UK Heets, or the CBD loose-leaf flower buds, heat not burn technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years. This is no surprise either; as companies find more and more innovative ways to quell the damaging effects of tobacco, the vaping world is seeing a lot of new technology hit the market.

But which type of heat not burn application is right for you? Whether you’re on the lookout for nicotine heavy hitter or a smooth, calming taste to enjoy and relax with, this blog explores two of the more unique uses of heat not burn technology, and what they could do for you.

Loose Leaf Flower Buds

Loose-leaf flower buds have only recently been introduced to the UK market. With new laws in place now allowing the recreational use of cannabidiol, the non-psychotic or hallucinogenic derivative of the cannabis plant, more and more people have started to benefit from its calming, anti-anxiety properties. One of the most popular forms of CBD use is in loose-leaf, the most natural and authentic way to enjoy the holistic terpene.

Heated Tobacco

Like with CBD loose-leaf, heated tobacco is the most authentic way to enjoy nicotine without smoking it, and fully taste the tobacco tones that ex-smokers may very well miss. Heated tobacco products such as the IQOS Heets cartridges work through compacted, concentrated tobacco in a pod form. These are clicked into the IQOS heated tobacco device in much the same way as a pod mod and are heated electronically into a vapour form. 

Benefits of Loose Leaf

Loose-leaf cannabidiol extracts come in a great variety of tastes and tones, but what all strains share are an unadulterated taste and a calming, sensation, intensified depending on the concentration of your strain.


Not only is cannabidiol used recreationally, but has found use in the treatment and symptom relief of many diseases and chronic illnesses. These include arthritis pain relief, psoriasis, muscle and bone pains, chemotherapy symptom relief and even epilepsy and depression. 

Benefits Of Heated Tobacco

Heated tobacco might not be as popular as vaping, nor as abundant on the market, but formerly tobacco-based companies such as Phillip Morris have really honed in on its selling points.

Stronger Nicotine Hit

One of the most popular attributes to heated tobacco products is that it has a much stronger nicotine hit than it’s vape liquid equivalents. Part of the reason for this is that heated tobacco is not constrained by the TPD laws and regulations on e-liquids and their 20 mg per 10 ml maximum. Instead, you can find up to the equivalent of 46 mg per 10 ml. However, IQOS and other heated tobacco devices fall under the same public smoking restrictions as vaping does.

Natural Tobacco Taste

It’s not just it’s nicotine concentration that attracts vapers, the natural taste and subtle overtones of menthol and fruit often attract ex-smokers to heated tobacco. There are many varieties and blends to try, and all a less dangerous and unhealthy alternative to smoking.