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Reasons to Vape Without Nicotine

The best part about vaping is your ability to choose your nicotine strength and that includes zero nicotine as an alternative. A lot of vapers begin vaping to stop the use of nicotine until they reach zero; using vapes to stop smoking and to stop their addiction to nicotine with nicotine free vape However, some vapers continue vaping without nicotine even after weaning off cigarettes.  Other people use both nicotine and non-nicotine juice while on the other hand, there are vapers that have never used nicotine at all and instead use CBD vape pens. There are a lot of options for nicotine-free vapes and many reasons to choose them. Before we proceed to talk about some reasons to vape without nicotine, check out our latest addition to our Disposable CBD vape pen, mirage vape, and mirage e-cig. Here are some justifications for how you can vape without nicotine Vaping with Nicotine free vapes is not addictive A vape with 0 mg nicotine ejuice comprises no addictive substance.  Nicotine is an additive to vapes. If nicotine is an addictive substance, possible addictiveness leaves with it.  It’s not like the case of decaffeinated coffee where caffeine is only mostly removed. The FDA-mandated labelling requirements allow only two labels for e-juice, whether it’s got nicotine in it or not. 1. You can take a nicotine break and still vape It’s not unusual for nicotine users to accidentally go overboard from time to time especially when they ate trying to understand their limits. With 0 mg juice, you can keep on vaping and give your system a total break. 2. Vapers get to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty Today a lot of vapers vape to curtail their excessive consumption of sugar or even snacking in general. Depending on the vaper’s condition, this […]
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