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Is Secondhand Vapor dangerous?

The secondhand vapor which is also known as an aerosol is vapor breathed out into the atmosphere by an e-cig user. It lingers in the air long enough so that anyone in the same room would likely breathe in some of the exhaled aerosols. As the name implies,  bystanders are not breathing in secondhand smoke because secondhand e-cigarette vapour simply is not smoke. Smoke is a derivative of combustion. Burning substances like wood, leaves, a building, or any plant material, including tobacco with fire, would produce volatile gasses, carcinogenic solid particles, carbon monoxide, and a variety of dangerous byproducts that in cigarette smoke called tar.  What is Second hand vapor? Secondhand smoke isn’t as hazardous as inhaling directly from a cigarette (tar), however, regular and lengthy exposure to it is deemed a serious hazard. Before we proceed to tell you how secondhand vapor is produced, check out the following some of our best collections of  vampire vape flavours, disposable CBD vape pen, and iceliqs e-liquid How is secondhand vapor created? Secondhand vapor is created by E-cigs heat e-liquid with a small metal coil housed in an atomizer. This heat turns the e-juice into the vapor you see. E-cigarette vapor does not have carbon monoxide particles or tar, and the particles in the aerosol are liquid rather than solid. Harmful chemicals and metals are found in vapor, but only in small quantities. The degree of toxicants is minute compared to those found in smoke, which means the dangers of secondhand vaping are less significant than that of actual cigarettes. What constitutes a second hand vapor? When people vape inside a house, the secondhand vapor seen coming out of the mouths of the vapers in the room is a no side stream “vape smoke”.  This means as there is sidestream tobacco smoke […]
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