Tips on Picking the Best Vape Pen for You

Selecting the perfect vape pen can be confusing as their options are never-ending. Because there is a massive number of vape pens on the market, 

 It is hard for both novice and seasoned vapers to pick the right vaping device for their enjoyment. 

Continue reading this guide to have an insight into vape pens, how they work, and how to select the right one.

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What Are Vape products?

Vape pens are pocket-sized vaporizers that have a resemblance to a pen. They are well known as pen vaporizers and function by heating a vaping material in a vapor tank to produce vapor which is inhaled. 

Two major reasons these devices are very popular is the fact that they are affordable and easy to use. They come in small sizes hence their portability and popularity with many vapers.

A regular vape pen is made up of various parts that have different functions. The first part is an atomizer which heats and vaporizes the oil or illiquid which produces the vapor you inhale.

 The second part is the tank or chamber where the vaping material is put. This part has a battery that acts as the source of heat while it is activated by a button and the last part is the mouthpiece: where you put your mouth to inhale.

When selecting your vape pen think

  1. Functionality

Functionality is very important when picking your vape. If you are a new vaper or you prefer simple vaping, you should select those that are simple to use. 

Some pens come with extra features such as temperature controls and programmable presets. However, the ease of use decreases with an increase in capabilities. Fancier pen vaporizers are costlier than the basic ones, and you should be ready to pay for the extra features associated with your preferred device.

2. Vape Pen Design

 Design is another critical consideration when picking the best device. When selecting the right vape pen, you may either go for stainless steel or carbon fibre materials if your budget allows.  Alternatively, you may also pick high-quality plastics with Pyrex glass components.

You can also select a vaping pen that has coils and rods. 

Materials like titanium, Teflon, or silicon alloys can be dangerous due to their low melting points. You need to be very careful with the cheaper brands because they are made with these dangerous materials.

3. The battery life

 Different vape pens come with batteries of various sizes and capabilities. If you do not want a device you need to keep recharging it every time. Most times, the larger the battery, the longer it lasts. Thus, if you want a device with long battery life, ensure you get a vape pen with a slightly bigger body size. 

Your lifestyle is also a  considered determinant for how long your battery would last. If you will be vaping often, you should select one with longer battery life.

However, if you don’t use your vape pen regularly, you can go for the smaller options.

Vape pens with high-quality output consume a lot of power. If you want more flavors and clouds, get a device with longer battery life.

4. Heating Method

Another important consideration when buying a vape pen is the heating method. Decide if you would prefer your vape heating method to be conduction, convection or induction.

5. Your Budget

 This is the key determiner of what you will buy. It enables you to narrow down your list of options. Sometimes you may find that you can’t afford the pen vaporizer that you want. 

If you’re just starting, you can get a slim, one-button device at an affordable price.

In that case, you can buy the one that you can afford or wait until you’ve saved enough.