The Essential Guide to Starting with JUUL

With many different vaping devices to choose from, it can often be difficult to settle on just one device. However, if you do decide that one vaping device is all you need then the Juul would be the perfect choice for you. But before you rush buy and stock up on unnecessary items, we’ve put together all you need to know about the Juul, from its humble origins to the Slate Juul device and refills.

A brief history of Juul

Like many other companies that specialise in vaping, the founders of Juul were also former smokers, who wanted to change the way people smoke. A bit like a popular e cig shop in London (that’s us!) that wants people to stop using cigarettes and switch to vaping on their quest to stopping altogether. Juul focuses on the three “Ds” – dialogue, debate and data and this ethos passes into their labs, which aids them in creating the ever-popular Juul device.

What makes Juul stand out?

The Slate Juul device stands out as one of the most iconic vaping devices in the market, and it’s this sleek design that has seen the Juul become so popular. If you see photos of celebrities with their vaping sticks, it’s quite likely it’ll be a Juul! But it’s not just the neat design, it’s the ease of it too. The rechargeable USB stick, the battery life and the various Juulpod flavours add some spice to any vaping experience.

Although the Juul restricts you to the Juulpods, rather than mixing up your CBD vape juice selection, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Because it’s easy to take out the pod, replace it and get stuck into vaping again. Seamless and sleek, just like the Juul itself.

Juul also has a popular community, active on social media and the company website, with many positive stories on how smokers have given up the bad habit with the help of Juul. And you can also check out the extensive testing and lab work that goes into the creation of everything Juul related.

How can you get started?

Easy. We can help. We have a range of Juul equipment, including the Juul starter kit, which includes everything you need. And we mean everything. It’s got the portable charging kits and Juulpods and we have a range available, from basic kits to the ruby edition. We also have special discounts and bundles available both online and in-store so keep checking as you might be able to get the Juul at a better price than elsewhere.

Our experts can help

We have a team of experts working at CBDVape4U, both online and instore. Whether you send us an email or come in and speak to us in one of our shops – you got a Juul question? We’ll answer it. And if you do come see us in person we can show you firsthand how the Juul works. Don’t be a stranger.