The Pros of Portable Charging for Vape

Although we don’t advocate smoking cigarettes here, after all, vaping is seen as a great alternative and remedy to stopping smoking altogether. But the technology behind it was pretty simple from a smoker’s point of view. Get out the cigarette, light it and start smoking. Vaping mirrors this pretty closely thankfully, requiring just a few puffs of your vaping device. However there is a lot that goes into this too, such as the heating elements, pressing buttons on a device and making sure your device is actually charged!

Table of Contents

  1. What is portable charging?
    1.2 And what are the alternatives?
  2. Which devices are best?
    2.1 Things to watch out for

What is portable charging?

It’s pretty self-explanatory really. Portable charging in the vaping world is just like charging any type of device in the modern world such as tablets and phones. The majority of vaping devices, from the IQOS to the Pax to the Juul, all require charging in order to use as they feature batteries. Once the batteries are charged, you either press down a button (or inhale directly if they’re that high tech!) and off you vape as the power heats up the e-liquid. Like anything that has a battery, it needs to be charged up, which is why many devices come with portable chargers. Small in style, these can be carried around conveniently so if you ever run out of battery, you can still charge it up, or just give it a boost until you get home.

And what are the alternatives?

The main alternative to a vape device that requires charging is a single-use, throwaway one. All you have to do with these is take it out of the packet and you can start vaping straightaway. Once you’ve finished it, you can discard. It may cost more in the long run if you stock up on these but they do serve a purpose, especially if you’re new to vaping and don’t want to invest in a single piece of equipment.

Which devices are best?

The IQOS is a great piece of equipment to try out as it has been ergonomically designed to replicate cigarette smoking. But when we speak to our customers, the Juul is often voted as the most popular. It looks good. It’s easy to use. And it comes in a range of starter kits, such as the basic silver Juul starter kit, giving you everything you need in one bundle.

Things to watch out for

This isn’t anything negative, but if you do go for a top branded product there are certain things you should be aware of. The Juul and IQOS for instance are restricted to its own branded flavours. The IQOS uses HEETS while the Juul uses Juulpods and these are exclusive to their own brands. Which means if you wanted Nasty CBD vape juice for example, you’d have to have a system that can handle different e-liquids. However, if you’re a one-brand type of person and would be happy to stick to the flavours available then the Juul could be ideal for you.

If you ever need any assistance on picking out the right system or want to know more about our products, just get in touch.