Tips For Pod Mod Users

There are countless forms of vape devices out there. From the complex and powerful variable mod to the prototypical cigalike, the vape world has exploded with unique devices that cater to many needs. Whether you’re a first-time vaper or a veteran of the game, there’ll no doubt be a device that’s right for you. 

And that’s part of the fun, breaking down each type of device to work out their unique properties can help you to make a decision on purchases and believe us when we say, the choices out there are near endless! Whatever your tastes, getting to know the pros and cons of a vape device will help you decide if it’s worth your investment. 

That’s why today we’re focussing on the ever-popular pod mod. These simple but effective devices are front and centre for some vapers, but frustrating to others. Which camp do you fall under? 

What Is A Pod Mod?

A pod mod is one of the simplest devices on the market, utilising cartridges instead of a vape tank to keep it streamlined and easy to use. Pod mods are usually slim and discreet in nature and almost always have an internal battery that you can charge separately from the device. Vape cartridges are usually sold in packs of 2 or 4 and can be bought separately from the device itself at vape shops in London and online.

How To Work A Pod Mod

Pod mods are incredibly easy to use. Simply take a cartridge and click it into the back of the device. Some pod mods might be inhale activated, whilst others have a fire button which you’ll have to hold down when inhaling. Devices such as the IQOS for which you can buy cartridge-based IQOS Heets online also utilise pod mod workings but with heated tobacco sticks rather than cartridges. 


Simple To Use

The pod mod is simple to use and ergonomic in its design. They’re amde for simplicity and so are suited to the first time vaper who is in the midst of smoking cessation. The mouth to lung vaping style also resembles smoking, making it even stronger an option for recent ex-smokers.

Stylish In Design

Some vape devices can be bulky, but the streamlined cigar-shaped JUUL and IQOS device are stylishly designed. Pocket-sized and portable, these devices are discreet in their output too, so you’ll never turn heads or distract passers-by when getting your nicotine fix.


Cartridges Cost More 

One of the problems with pod mods is that you’ll probably spend a little more on a cartridge than you would on the same amount of refill-focused vape juices. With cheap 10 ml bottles costing the same as one 2 ml cartridge, pod mods are built for savouring rather than all-day vaping. 

Less Choice On Flavours

Most pod mods have their own brands and flavour ranges, which can limit your choices. That being said, brands such as the JUUL and IQOS have researched and perfected their ranges to bring strength, versatility and depth to the tastes. 

Where Do You Stand?

At the end of the day, pod mod satisfaction comes down to personal taste and needs. Pod mods can be enjoyed by first-time vapers and veterans alike if flavour and nicotine strength and ease of use are your main priorities.