Top Tips For E-Cigs On A Budget

Thanks to the many restrictions on tobacco products, cigarettes have seen a sharp rise in price over the last ten years. As a deterrent, this works wonders as more and more people give up the expensive and dangerous habit and focus instead on nicotine replacement alternatives like the JUUL at London stores. Whilst some replacements, such as nicotine gum and patches, can come at quite high prices vaping has retained its inexpensiveness thanks to efficient manufacturing costs and customer demand. 

Even with its cheap premium prices, there are even more ways to save money on vaping and ensure that you are never spending more than you need to. This blog will explore the various ways in which you can find great value deals and save money both in the long term and the short term on your vaping products.

Clearance Sales

Whether for devices or components like the IQOS Heets Sienna flavours, you can find many unique e-liquids and vape accessories in clearance sales. These products have ended up clearance for a great many reasons, but never for low quality. In fact, clearance sales on vape store websites and at high street retailers are a great way of purchasing last years new vaping technology at a fraction of the price.

Bundle Packs

Many vaping websites advertise brand bundle packs of e-liquids or components. Buying in a bundle often gives you flexibility and new opportunities to experiment with new flavours you might not have tried before. Most importantly, bundle packs usually save a few pennies rather than buying the products individually. 


A common trend at vape stores in London and online is that the retailer is also a manufacturer, and as a manufacturer, companies have to push the boat out when it comes to how and who they sell to. Many companies opt for diving into wholesale, a method of purchasing that allows you to save a lot of money when buying a large amount. Wholesale vape supplies are often used as a middle man technique, selling cheaper products in bulk to retailers so that they can increase their profit margins. It’s not just retailers who can buy wholesale though, individuals who are willing to fork out a few hundred on vape products – and have the space to store them – could use wholesale eCommerce contracts as a great way to save money in the long run. 

Vape Device Maintenance

Whether you’re using a vape pen or an IQOS with UK Heets flavours, maintaining your vape device could see it last much longer, and therefore stave off any need to replace it. Vape maintenance is easy once you know a few tricks. Make sure to only charge your vape battery with the cable it came packaged with, or otherwise risk shorting your devices circuits. When it comes to cleaning your device, make sure you do so with either warm soapy water or cleaning alcohol. Soaking your device’s compartments at least once a month will get rid of any gunk that might be affecting its efficiency.