Top Tips For Using Pod Mods – Everything You Need To Know

Pod mods are among the most popular vape devices on the market. From high street shops to CBD Vape 4 U’s vape shop on Tottenham Court Road, these simple and efficient devices are in abundance across the UK. This should come as no surprise, pod mods are probably the most commonly bought device for first time vapers due to their simplicity and effectiveness. 

This is why vape companies continue to develop new ones. Their effectiveness at smoking cessation and their simplicity of use make for great beginners vape devices, whilst also being great for quick pick me ups. The pod mod’s versatility is one of the key factors in its popularity amongst all levels of vaper. Vype from CBD Vape 4 U is a popular device that ensures easy use and powerful hits and is much-used by all different tastes and levels of vaper. Even so, these devices will still take some getting used to and there may be some trial and error when it comes to charging, using and enjoying your device. 

This blog will provide first-time pod mod users with some tips and tricks to make the most out of their first pod mod.

Internal Batteries And Pod Mods

Most simple pod mods are simple, cigar-shaped devices that are inhale activated. Most have no fire buttons, which makes the use of it a lot easier. Further to the device’s simplicity is the fact that it has an internal battery. This means that your device has its own internal power unit that discards the need to add and charge your own batteries. Simply slot in the micro USB charging cable into the socket of your device and connect it to the mains to charge it up. 

Don’t Overcharge Your Device

Make sure to only charge your device when it needs to be. Overcharging can degrade the battery’s health and shorten its lifespan. Smaller vape devices like the pod mod usually only need about an hour or so to fully charge, but check the instruction manual for your device to clarify how long it should charge for.

LED Light Display

These aren’t just pretty colours, the LED light that is found on almost all pod mods is there to indicate how much charge it has left. A red LED light when you inhale usually means that the device is running low on charge. A flashing red light means it has just run out of charge. A higher battery level will be indicated on an inhale by blue or green light, but this might vary depending on the brand of the device.

Use The Right Cable

You should only charge your pod mod with the cable that was supplied with it. If you use a different cable than the one bought with it from your vape shop London, you could risk using too high a voltage on your device and breaking the inner electrical circuits. Although cables may look the same and work, they may be designed for higher or lower voltages than your pod mod. 

Mouth To Lung Vaping 

Due to the low powered battery inside a pod mod, these devices are designed for mouth to lung vaping. This means that those looking for a powerful vape hit might be disappointed. Pod mods are supposed to mimic the sensation of smoking, which is why they are so popular with first time vapers and ex-smokers.