Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Vape Device

It doesn’t matter what type of vaping device you’ve got, like everything, it can always do with a good clean. But this isn’t just a soak in the bath or a quick rinse, without properly cleaning your vape device you run the risk of it not working properly. That’s why this article looks into the very best way to keep it clean and extend its life span.

Table of Contents

  1. The easy way to clean
    1.2 But what about other devices?
  2. Importance of cleaning

The easy way to clean

Whether you’re using your vape device to enjoy e-liquids or CBD e-liquids, you want to make sure it’s working properly. And the best method of ensuring that is by keeping it clean and well conditioned. We take a look at the most common and popular vape pens and pods and give you the best way to clean them.

Once you’ve gotten to know your vape pen, you should know how to properly disassemble and assemble it, which is important as you’ll need to do this to ensure a thorough clean. Take apart your pen and put the battery to the side. Next it’s time to clean the heating element, or coil, which is found in most vape pens. A quick rinse isn’t always the best, but instead using cleaning alcohol and a cotton swab you can carefully dab it and give it the clean it needs.The same applies to the mouthpiece but you can always just give that a quick rub with a wet cloth. Easy, huh?

This method also applies to larger vape tanks, although there are a few more steps involved. You still need to clean the coils the same way but this time the vape tank needs to be cleaned. It can be submerged in water for a quick clean but again if you want the best results, rubbing alcohol does the job. Pat everything dry afterwards with a paper towel and you’re all set.

But what about other devices?

Good question. There are loads of vape devices out there, such as the IQOS, Juul, Pax and many more. Each of them have different methods for cleaning. The best way to keep them clean is by following the manufacturer’s guidelines as they’ll tell you all you need to know. And if you ever lose the instructions, we’ve explained the methods that work for pretty much all vaping devices.

Importance of cleaning

Whether you’re using your vape device for CBD vape oil UK or just different e-liquids, you want to enjoy the best taste, produce the most vapour and actually enjoy it. By maintaining your vape device by cleaning it well, you can ensure that. If you don’t, it could lead to e-liquid residue building up and gunk collecting in the pen or pod, which will have a negative effect on your device. And you’ll notice it too.We have a range of cleaning kits and accessories to help so you can start enjoying full spectrum CBD oil UK, e-liquids and much more without the gunk building up.