Understanding Nicotine Salts

Cannabidiol is a popular method of non-nicotine vaping, with a calming effect and distinctive taste that sets it apart from other vape liquids. The best vape shops in London stock cannabidiol e-liquids and many people now treat e-cigarettes and dry herb vaporisers as something completely independent from smoking cessation. 

That being said, with all the cannabidiol research and CBD devices becoming increasingly popular, nicotine concentrated e-liquids are not overlooked. New developments in the smoking cessation market continue to reap rewards for vapers and one such development is nicotine salts. These unique vape liquids provide a new experience for heavy nicotine users and ex-smokers and have a distinct molecular makeup that sets them apart from normal vape liquids in a variety of ways. For those interested in trying nicotine salt e-liquids, this blog will provide an overview of what it is and how it works.

What Are Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine salt e-liquids are designed to be more satisfying for high nicotine concentration vapers. For instance, those who enjoy the compressed tobacco of the IQOS UK might find that their next step towards vaping is nicotine salt e-liquids. These e-liquids are designed to be more palatable at higher concentrations and were developed to be used on 50 mg of nicotine per 10 ml bottle. 

How Does It Compare To Freebasing?

To fully understand nicotine salts, one must compare it to freebasing. When originally developed by PAX Labs, the creators of the PAX 2 vaporiser, nicotine salts were an alternative to freebasing. Freebasing is a nicotine fusion process that has its roots in the 1960s’. Back then, tobacco companies such as Phillip Morris realised that if you made the nicotine atom alkaline in its PH level, it would be easier to absorb in the blood, and produce more of a kick at lower nicotine levels. 

Nicotine salt e-liquid has had its alkalinity reduced via a reaction with benzoic acid. This reverts nic salt into its natural form, which, whilst less absorbant in the bloodstream, means that you can ingest a higher concentration of nicotine without the kick. Nicotine salt is a smoother hit and is perfect for high nicotine users.

How Should I Use Nicotine Salt E-Liquid?

As mentioned, nicotine salt is best for heavy ex-smokers who want a stronger nicotine hit without the kick. But what sort of devices and e-liquids suit nicotine salt?

Mouth To Lung Devices

Mouth to lung vape devices can be found in every vape store London and indeed are the most abundant type of e-cig. Mouth to lung vaping refers to the inhale you take, first into the mouth and then into the lungs, reflecting the way that you might smoke. Direct to lung vaping nic salt e-liquids on higher-powered devices might be a little overwhelming, large quantities of nicotine might lead to a coughing fit. 


cbd e liquid

Most nicotine salt e-liquids favour 50/50 propylene glycol mixes, sometimes even with a higher ratio of PG than VG. Nicotine salt is designed for higher concentrations of nicotine, which is carried by the propylene glycol compound in e-liquids. High VG vape juices simply don’t have the right base compounds to carry very much nicotine.