Understanding The Components Of A Rebuildable Mod

Rebuildable mods are amongst some of the most popular vape devices. Due to their flexibility and customisation, many long term vapers move from vape pens and pod mods up to the almost limitless possibilities of rebuildable mods. These aren’t just simple pick me up vaporisers though, they require a certain level of technical know-how and experience to fully enjoy e-liquids like Nasty CBD to their full extent.

From SMOK vape devices and coils to the Aspire range, vaporiser mods and their many components will soon be available at the CBD Vape 4 U website. Now then, is a better time than ever to get to know these devices, and to better understand just what you need to fully appreciate them. From coils to sub-ohm vaping, below is a brief guide to getting started with rebuildable mods.

What Is An Rebuildable Mod?

A UK and London e-cig mod is a device built on a rebuildable deck. This means that you can chop and change the components within your device as you see fit. A rebuildable mod often has temperature control and variable wattage or voltage options. Alongside the different components which you can chop and change, the variable current and temperature settings add another layer of options for you to explore as well.


Coils are the small pieces of wire that lead from your vape battery into the atomiser. These transfer electricity which in turn heats up the vape liquid. Coils come in many different materials and thicknesses or “gauges”, which determine the flow of electricity or “resistance” that runs through your device.


The atomiser is the central heart of the vape device and is the component that is heated up by the coil and battery. Atomisers are usually surrounded y the wicking cotton, into which the vape liquid is soaked, heated up and vaporised by the metal it sits next to. Atomisers come in many shapes and sizes, so are not often one size fits all. You can find various different types of atomiser that will work on your device. Wicking cotton, however, can come from a range of sources, including Japanese organic cotton, cotton balls, kendo cotton and many more.

Temperature Controls

Not all rebuildable mods will have temperature controls, but those that do give you an array of options for the temperature at which you can vape your e-liquid. This depends on your own personal preferences and allows you to explore within the boundaries of the circuit without experiencing dry or burnt hits.

Variable Devices

Variable current devices either come as a variable wattage or variable voltage. Wattage devices let you control the power at which the vapour is produced, whilst voltage devices allow you to control the electrical input. Put simply, wattage is output, voltage is input.

Most regulated mods will shut down automatically if you input too much power through the variable current controls, whilst mechanical and unregulated mods give you more freedom to input as much power as you want into the system. The latter is best left to the pro vapers and those with a good understanding of Ohm’s law’s effect on e-cigarettes.