Understanding the Hemp Side of CBD

When we talk about CBD, there are lots of terms that are bandied around. Flowers, buds, hemp. But what do they all mean? They’re all part of the same thing – they come from the cannabis plant, and are used to create flowers, buds and joints which can be eaten, ingested, smoked or more. Let’s explain.

CBD buds and flowers

CBD flowers and buds are extracted from the hemp plant. They vary slightly to CBD as it’s not as pure and free from THC as CBD is. In fact, hemp is similar to marijuana and very popular, but it doesn’t have as much THC content as marijuana, making it a legal product in many countries and states. So with CBD flowers, you essentially get the best of both worlds! You might notice that these types of products are described as “CBD-rich”, meaning that it’s hemp but has a stronger concentration of CBD within them. Which is a bonus really, as it means you can enjoy eating or smoking hemp however you like, with the added benefits of CBD. And of that there are many.

When you buy CBD buds UK, you’re getting hemp in its most organic form. They’re harvested from the female hemp plant and contain low levels of THC (as mentioned earlier) and high levels of CBD, so the perfect balance. This means you’ll have all the benefits of CBD that help promote relaxation of the body and mind. CBD flowers and buds come in different strains – just check out what we’ve got – so you can pick ones with a concentration of CBD that you want. As well as different flavours and strengths, the buds can be used in various ways too. You could go straight for eating them or using them in cooking such as brownies, cakes and pastries. Or you could go the popular route and vape them.

Smoking CBD

When you buy CBD flowers you can smoke them if you like. Providing you have a good crusher or grinder, you can then use that to make the buds smaller than they are. You can then roll them up into CBD joints and start smoking. When someone tells you that they’re smoking a CBD-rich joint, that’s essentially what they’re doing.

But even better than that is vaping CBD buds. Once you’ve got yourself a good vape pen, you can put your CBD buds inside and let the device do the work. It’ll heat up the buds to the right temperature so you can start vaping away. You’ll get all the taste, throat hit and full effects of CBD. We’d recommend this over smoking CBD joints because if you’ve used vaping as a means to stop smoking, you don’t want a CBD joint to encourage you to start smoking again. Vaping it however is a great way to keep your vaping up without moving backwards, but mixes things up by adding some CBD to the equation. That way you can enjoy vaping hemp the best way possible.