Understanding what CBD Hemp Flower Is

You can’t help but notice how CBD has slowly been going mainstream with so many people opting to use it as a safe and natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. They are using them to help them treat conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress and even more. You can get you’re your products in many forms such as capsules, CBD vape oils UK, edibles and creams.

But now, there is another product that people are starting to take note of, and that’s CBD buds or CBD flower buds.

We are going to look into the benefits of using CBD buds UK and why they are becoming increasingly popular.

So, what are CBD hemp flower buds?

They are the flowers from the industrial hemp. So, whilst they are from the same family of plant as cannabis, it is actually very different.

So, what makes it different to cannabis? The biggest difference is the THC content/ Cannabis contains high levels of THC, which is the component that makes the user high or stoned. Hemp only has 0,2% THC, so the user will not get high, as the CBD flower is non-psychoactive.

What benefits does it provide?

A lot of the products already on the market are created from the flowers of the hemp plant, so this is a great way of going ‘directly to the source.’ It is the most natural way of using it.

If you used to use cannabis, but got undesired results such as anxiety and paranoia, CBD buds are perfect as they give you all the relaxing effects without any of the negative sides of THC.

How to use CBD hemp flower buds

There are 3 ways to use CBD hemp flower buds:


This is a very popular method of using CBD hemp buds. By vaping it, you heat the CBD flower and inhale the hot air. This is an efficient and healthier way of consuming the CBD flower.


The more traditional way of consuming CBD buds is to grind up the flower and roll them into a joint, or to smoke it directly through a pipe/bong. This is a direct flame to bud method, which causes a very fast reaction.

With Edibles

If you don’t want to smoke or vape, this is the ideal option. All you need to do is infuse the food or drink with the CBD from the flower. The best way to do this is to make a CBD infused butter and then use the butter to make desserts, or even put into dinners.

Is it legal?

Unlike THC cannabis, CBD hemp flower is legal in the UK and across many parts of the world.

Where can I get them?

You can get them in many vape shops in London and across the UK. But the easiest way is probably online. At CBDVape4u we offer many strains of CBD flower buds, with many types of Sativa and Indica.

So, what are you waiting for check out our range of CBD hemp flower buds and start your CBD journey today.