Using CBD for Anxiety and Stress

More and more people are turning to CBD as a way to manage their stress and anxiety. This is why we can see sales of CBD products soaring over the past year. Whether people use oils, sweets or vaping products, there are so many ways that people can consume their CBD to help them relax and take the edge of their anxiety and stress symptoms. We also have a range of CBD flowers UK, to choose from.

What is stress and anxiety?

Stress is a common thing in people’s lives, whether it’s family issues, work deadlines or perhaps the holiday season. However, some people, when they are faced with frequent stress, it can lead to chronic anxiety. And while some symptoms can be alleviated by yoga, meditation and exercise – sometimes you need a little extra help.

Everything you need to know about CBD

The very first thing you need to know is that by using CBD, you won’t get high. It just has all the relaxing ingredients that you need. CBD and THC are cannabinoids, which are compounds that are found on the cannabis plant. THC is the psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant. So, any legal CBD oils will contain any THC levels over 0.3% – this is a very low amount.

CBD is used for a relaxing lifestyle and for therapeutic purposes. It affects our receptors in the brain that allow us to relax.

Ways you can use CBD for anxiety and stress

Here are some of the ways that people are using CBD as a therapeutic method:

Tinctures: These are oils, that are dropped onto the tongue using a little pipette. The CBD oil is in a little container, with an oil that it is diluted in. This is often just a sunflower oil. This is the quickest and easiest way to the CBD into the system and you can easily measure the dosage.

Vaping: This is one of the most popular way that CBD in consumed. By using a vape pen, the CBD is lightly heated, which creates a vapour, you can then inhale this. There are many e-liquids that are infused with CBD. It is a little harder to measure your dosage this way.

Capsules: CBD capsules work just like Cod Liver oil capsules. The CBD oil is placed inside a digestible case. This is a great way to manage your dosage. However, it does tend to take longer for it to go into the system, as it has to make its way to the stomach first.

Edibles: There are so many ways to incorporate CBD into your food. For example, you can put it in brownies, sweets or even in foods like pasta and main meals. This does take a little longer to reach the blood stream, but at least it’s a yummy way to do it. Check out our range of CBD gummies to see what works for you.