Vape Accessories to Buy Now

As vaping grows more in popularity and perhaps one day overtakes cigarettes, we find that there’s still a lot more to vaping then just picking up a vape pen and puffing away. Unless of course you’re using a  disposable vape pen! But if you’re the real deal then no doubt you’ve got a solid vape device, take care of it well and use the best accessories to ensure the longevity of your device. If you haven’t, then here are some of the best vape accessories you need to get hold of now.

Batteries and battery chargers

At the heart of our vaping device is the battery that powers it. Imagine if it were to die mid vape, or didn’t even have enough power for your first vape of the day! That’s why many vape devices such as the Pax vaporizer, comes with a charging kit. And it’s always worth keeping spare batteries too. Keep your device charged so you definitely know that you can start the day on full power but it’s also worthwhile to keep some spare batteries too on the off chance you run out!


If you really care about your vape pen, pod or device then you’ll make sure you carry it the right way. Of course some devices are small and subtle enough that they just fit in your pocket but there’s always the chance that they can get bashed around and the coil inside can be affected. By putting it inside a carry case you can make sure this doesn’t happen. Most of the population have a case for their mobile phone. So why wouldn’t you have one for your vape device?

Cleaning kits

There are different ways to clean your vape device, such as using rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab, or leaving to soak and pat dry. However, if you want to make sure it’s really clean then head to a good CBD Vape Store and get a cleaning kit. It’ll have everything  you need to make sure your vape device is in tip top condition.

Storage systems

There are so many different e-liquids and CBD products to try, the biggest problem is where to store them all. If you leave them loose in a drawer or a cupboard then you run the risk of losing or even spilling some valuable e-liquid. With a proper vape storage kit you can put all your devices, e-liquids, batteries and assorted equipment in one place.

Unicorn bottles

Not as bright and fanciful as you might think but unicorn bottles are extremely useful in storing e-liquids and creating your own mixing. If you buy in bulk then you can use these unicorn bottles to transfer to smaller bottles. As its plastic it also means you won’t have lots of glass bottles lying  around.

Drip tips

These have been gaining popularity recently as they offer a new vaping sensation. Attached directly to the vape device, mainly atomisers, it lets you drip e-liquid directly into it. Get a glass drip tip and you can see the liquid fall in and react as you heat up the pen and start vaping.

If you’re looking for the best vape accessories, don’t forget to take a look and see if you can find it right here.