Vape Tank Cleaning – Why It’s Important And How To Do It Properly

Due to it’s relative safety compared to smoking, no one would blame you for overlooking the cleanliness of your vape device. The fact of the matter is, however, that there have been considerable changes in the present day to how we approach cleanliness. Whilst it was important before, it’s even more important that you keep your accessories, especially those you touch with your mouth as clean as possible.

With the spread of COVID 19 over the last few months, there have been many changes to how we keep safe and sanitised in the public sphere and now is a better time than ever to get your head around how to keep your vape device clean. This not only has a huge effect on day to day life in the coronavirus era, but can help increase the longevity of your vaporiser.

Mouthpieces And Vape Sharing

Of course, in the era of coronavirus, sharing your vape with someone outside of your bubble could put you at risk of catching or spreading the virus. Even regular use in public, placing your device down on an unsanitised surface or even dropping it on the street could increase your risk exponentially. To counter this, simply make sure to wipe your mouthpiece with an anti bacterial wipe after use in public or otherwise at least once a day.

Increase The Lifespan Of Your Vape Mod

Unlike CBD edibles, your loose leaf vaporisers are supposed to last a long time! Making sure that you regularly clean your device will increase it’s longevity and quality, helping your device and your e-liquids to go a lot further.

Increase The Quality Of Your Vape Hits

Vaporiser maintenance will also increase the quality of your vape hits. With clean coils, optimum functioning atomisers and fresh wicking cotton, you’ll find that the vapour you’re producing tastes much better, and has far less pollutants in it, decreasing the amount of the dry hits and burnt tastes.

Warm Water Or Ethanol Bath?

The main way that vaporisers are cleaned is through a warm bath of strong alcohol or warm soapy water. Cleansing each component in a warm soapy bath will rinse the gunk out of them, whilst the more stubborn stains and residual gunk will be displaced with ethanol, which is much stronger and kills most bacteria that could have accumulated. You can also use propylene glycol instead of water, but make sure not to mistake it for vegetable glycerine, the thickness of which can make vape cleaning needlessly more difficult.

Vape Mod Disassembly

The first thing about soaking your vape device is that you’ll have to take it apart. Most vape shops in London sell a broad variety of devices, so each is going to be different in their design and deck placement. Make sure you give each component of your device – your coil, oyur atomiser, your mouthpiece and your tank a thorough wash in a bowl that’s large enough to fit them all. Leave them to soak for an hour or two and remember that coils, regardless of how clean they are, should be replaced every one or two weeks for regular vapers.