Want to Quit Smoking? Try a JUUL Starter Kit

Yes, it’s true, when it comes to changing up your nicotine fix to benefit your health, more and more people are turning away from smoking and, in turn, turning to JUUL devices. Unsurprisingly then, this has caught the attention of anti-vaping campaigners and, yes, the media – leaving governments (not least the US Government) apparently unsure about the health merits of JUUL products.

Yet, research appears to be mounting that, when compared to smoking conventional nicotine-derived, tobacco-packed cigarettes, using a JUUL device (especially when it’s accompanied by the best portable JUUL charger you can buy) instead results in a true win-win. In fact, results from a clinical trial made public in early 2019 demonstrated that making the switch to JUUL e-cigarettes can reduce a smoker’s risk of exposure to cigarette toxins at a similar level to quitting tobacco entirely.

Helping people to kick the habit

Dialling down into the detail, the researchers who worked on the clinical trial found that those who’d totally switched to a JUUL device and away from cigarettes experienced a reduced exposure to the biomarkers – the signals of exposure – to tobacco by a gigantic 99.6%. So, basically, using JUUL devices was as effective as simply quitting smoking – because JUUL products contain no tobacco. The clinical trial was conducted as part of a series of research that JUUL is currently carrying out for its application to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for better recognition as a manufacturer of non-smoking products.

As many vapers are only too aware, health bodies have often been non-committal when it comes to recommending use of e-cigs bought from the likes of a London vape shop for helping smokers get off the ciggies and kick the habit, yet supporters (and, of course, ex-smokers who’ve moved on to vaping) know different. They know just how attractive, effective and realistic non-smoking, non-tobacco options JUUL devices and other vaping products really are.

After all, more and more evidence is backing all this up. For instance, another study from early 2019, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, presented evidence that e-cigs are nearly twice as effective in aiding people giving up tobacco for a nicotine hit, as are using nicotine patches, gums and similar therapies. That’s the kind of evidence that can’t be ignored, surely.

Easy-to-use and enjoyable

So, if JUUL products are so effective at helping smokers become ex-smokers, why is that? Well, in the end, it comes down to just how good, reliable and easy-to-use a JUUL device is.

To start with, you’ll find that JUUL pods offer up nicotine via a laboratory-prepared proprietary nicotine salts formula and, thanks JUUL’s temperature-regulation technology that heats vape liquid to an optimal level of vaporisation, each device can cleverly and effectively mirror the simplicity that smokers (wanting to be ex-smokers) are accustomed to, ensuring their vaping experiences aren’t just convenient, but enjoyable – helping them ditch the ciggies.

Yes, simplicity really is the key. You’ll find that a JUUL Starter Kit UK comes complete with a rechargeable device, a USB charging dock and four JUUL pods (offering the fantastic vape flavours that are Mango Nectar, Royal Crème, Golden Tobacco and Glacier Mint). All you need do is to check whether your JUUL device needs charging (by tapping its side and checking for a light) and, if not, get set, get ready and get vaping!