What Are Vape Mods And Are They Right For You?

With so much variety on the market, it can often be tricky to pinpoint what exactly is right for you. From cigalikes to the heat not burn tobacco-based IQOS UK, the dizzying array out there can leave you with so much choice that you can’t make one. Of course, at the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference, and this means that you have to do your own research to hone in on the devices that suit you best.

For long-term vapers and cloudchasers, this rabbit hole of research will most likely send you into the world of vape mods. These heavier duty devices have a level of complexity and personalisation to them that the simple pod mods and cigalikes on the market don’t put focus on. So what exactly are they, and do they suit your needs as a vaper?

Vape Mods Broken Down

Put simply, a vaporiser mod is a device that has more advanced technology and user versatility than your average e-cigarette. Providing replaceable and varying components, these devices allow you to shift the wattage, or the power generated by the device, the voltage – the power inputted into the device and the temperature to which your e-liquid is heated as you see fit. These devices also harness more varieties of e-liquid that might taste or feel different depending on the electrical and temperature inputs you choose. E-cig modsthen, are all about choice.

More Variety

You can find many vape shops selling e cig mods London’s choice of vaporisers are almost infinite but it’s not just the huge collection of devices that provide variety but the functions they have as well. From sub ohming to mouth to lung vaping, e cig mods give you the opportunity to explore and find your personal sweet spot.

More Personalisation

E-cig mods are often upgraded and you can find many varieties of the same vaporiser in the form of collectibles and limited edition designs. You can also find same brand e-liquids that are brewed especially for your chosen device. Vape mods give you the opportunity to truly personalise, elevating it from smoking cessation tool to fashion statement and accessory.

Suited To Light Nicotine Vapers

This is especially true of sub ohm e-cig mods, that are more powerful and provide larger, denser vape hits on a below one ohm resistance. Due to the amount of vapour you will be inhaling, higher nicotine concentrations can be a little to overwhelming, and vegetable glycerine leaning juices are best used due to their comparatively softer throat hit to e-liquids with higher levels of propylene glycol.

Circuit Saviness

Vape mods focus on the circuitry and inner workings of heat not burn products and so it’s advised that only those with a sound knowledge of ohm’s law and electrical currents use a vape mod. Incorrect components or mismatched voltages and resistances could short the circuit, and on unregulated mods that use external batteries, could cause a fire or even a small explosion. It’s vital then that vape mod users understand the safety precautions that they must take to get the full experience from their mod.