What Is A Variable Mod And Who Should Use Them?

With so much focus on customisability and flexibility in the vaping world, it’s understandable that variable mods have become so popular. With their focus on variable power, this type of vape device is a step that almost every advanced level vaper will take at some point or another. Variable vape kits in London are sold at almost every vape retailer and give users a lot of flexibility and flavour.

But when is the right time to buy a vape mod, and what are the choices you have when purchasing one? With so many options at CBD Vape 4 U’s vape shop on Tottenham Court Road and much farther afield across the country, which type suits your needs and what kind of experience can you expect?

Variable Mods – A Breakdown

Variable mods are devices that give the user the ability to change the current running through their device. This might be in the form of a dial on the device to change the voltage – or the current being fed into the device – or the wattage – the electrical output of the device. Another feature of the variable device is that it has customisable atomisers and coils, all of which further improves the vaping experience. 

Variable Wattage

Variable wattage vape devices are the most common type of device and can be found at CBD Vape 4 U’s vape shop in Blackfriars Station. The reason for this is that the output of a vape battery is the voltage, and depending on whether your device has an internal or external battery, the voltage will naturally fluctuate. The fact that you have manual control over the wattage means, however much the battery fluctuates, the vape circuit will work its way to your desired output.

Variable Voltage

Variable voltage devices may require some manual input as you will be working to control the electricity produced by the battery, not by the circuit. Variable voltage devices must be manually adjusted in accordance with the resistance of the coil.

Ohm’s Law

Most important for a first-time variable vaper is the formulas for electricity production. Ohm’s Law or Voltage = Watts x Resistance means that if you know two of the readings, you can work out the last one yourself. Make sure to buy a compatible coil, and if you’re planning on sub-ohm vaping, ensure that you are taking the necessary precautions and not pushing the battery further than it can go. Luckily, regulated mods have a function that allows the circuit to shut down before it is damaged from too much power input.

Top Tips For Variable Vaping

Alongside compatible coils and learning your Ohm’s Law formula, it’s also worth noting the best ways to get accustomed to your variable device. It’s usually recommended that whether you’re working with a wattage or voltage device, that the user starts at a low current setting and works their way up until they find the right vape hit for them. Taste and power are the key indicators here, and everyone is different.

It’s also worth noting that many people prefer to use lower nicotine and high vegetable glycerine juices such as Nasty Juice on account of their compatibility with direct to lung vaping. Vape liquids with high concentrations of propylene glycol and nicotine can be quite harsh on the throat, especially when paired with the power of the variable mod.