What Is CBD Spray And How Do You Use It?

Cannabidiol has evolved exponentially over the last five years. With its broad array of uses and its legality in the UK since 2016, cannabidiol has become one of the most important types of extract from the cannabis plant for a wide variety of reasons. Not only has CBD been mobilised as a symptom reliever for many different ailments, but for its healing properties too. From arthritis sufferers to skin conditions, CBD has many physical properties that help the growth of cells and the reduction of swelling.

It’s for this reason that CBD oriented vape shops not only sell products such as Mirage e-liquid but have expanded out into cannabidiol supplements and creams. This blog will focus on the importance of CBD creams, who uses them and what exactly they are made of.

What Is CBD Cream?

CBD creams are skin creams that are applied to the body to relieve ailments. They can come in a range of different constitutions, concentrations and scents, but almost always boast a wide range of symptom-relieving benefits. Furthermore, research has shown that cannabidiol could have anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties that could help moisturise and improve the quality of your skin. CBD creams can also come in spray form, meaning that it’s even easier to stay moisturised and pain-free.

What Other Ingredients Are Used?

Alongside concentrated CBD, many CBD sprays and creams also include a mixture of hemp oil and seeds, as well as other natural ingredients such as witch hazel, beeswax, almond and coconut oil. 

What Is CBD Cream Used For?

Cannabidiol creams can be used for a great many ailments, as well as for more general aches and sprains. Below are some of the specific ailments that CBD can help with.


The anti-inflammatory effects of cannabidiol creams can be beneficial when creams are applied to specific areas of pain and swelling caused by arthritis. CBD promotes the reduction of Substance P in nerve endings, pain transmitters that increase pain and tenderness in arthritis afflicted areas. 

Psoriasis And Acne

The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD can help to reduce redness and visibility of acne, psoriasis and other skin conditions. CBD promotes healthy cell functions and when you apply the cream to the afflicted areas, it will be slowly absorbed through the upper layers to alleviate pain as well as the visibility of your skin condition. 

Side Effects

When purchasing your CBD cream from health and e-cig stores near your location , remember that there have been some reported side effects from cannabidiol cream products. Whilst research is still ongoing, some people have reported feeling tired after using cannabidiol, as well as feeling symptoms of diarrhoea and a change of appetite. Users should note, however, that a review of data on CBD creams from 2017 showed that there are fewer side effects to CBD creams than other medications used by health practitioners to treat similar conditions. 

So, next time you’re browsing your CBD vape shop for Vype flavours and CBD e-liquids, why not pick up a CBD cream. You never know when it might come in useful.