What Is Lyft And Is It Right For Me?

With so many different ways to enjoy tobacco substitutes, it’s very easy to forget about other unique options that are on the market. Aside from IQOS starter kits and other vaporisers, there are plenty of other ways that ex-smokers can get their fix. After all, not everyone will want to invest in vape devices.

At CBD Vape 4 U, we are blessed with a whole range of nicotine and CBD products that don’t require your investment in heat not burn technology. Whether in tincture form or supplement form, vaping isn’t the only way you can enjoy your daily fill. One such alternative for nicotine users is Lyft, a tobacco alternative that gained popularity in Northern Europe, and has now found it’s way to the UK mainstream. But, is it right for you and what can you expect from regular usage of it?

What Is Lyft?

Lyft is a type of tobacco-free nicotine alternative, commonly known as “snus”  in Sweden. Originally used as a way to preserve tobacco for longer periods of time, it’s quickly become a smoking cessation tool that has helped more than half of its Northern European users quit smoking for good. Snus is less dangerous too, being a moist nicotine powder that has fewer chemicals in it than most other tobacco alternatives.

How To Use Lyft

Snus is administered via rubbing it into the gums. Whilst vape kits London are inhaled into the lungs, Lyft snus (pronounced “snoose”) has it’s nicotine reach the bloodstream quickly and efficiently via the blood vessels in your mouth.

How Much Nicotine Is In Lyft?

Lyft snus offers a range of different strengths, spanning from 11 mg to 16 mg, providing an uplifting nicotine scratch that is both calming and satisfying. This is about on par with nicotine vape liquid, which spans from 3 mg to 18 mg.

Is It A Quicker Fix Than Vaping?

Due to the fact that Lyft doesn’t even need to be inhaled, you’ll feel the effects of it within just a few seconds. Whilst rubbing powder onto your gums might not be to everyone’s tastes, it is arguably a quicker hit of nicotine than many other tobacco alternatives, and all without the use of your lungs. 

Unlike Vaping, You Can Use It Anywhere

One aspect of Lyft that attracts former vapers is that you can use it in more places than you can vape or tobacco products. This is because there are no aerosols or inhalants involved, and therefore no risk of passive smoking for those around you. Furthermore, many public spaces prohibit the use of both cigarettes and vaporisers, meaning that Lyft users are far freer to get their nicotine fix.

Lyft Flavours

Lyft is unique in its broad range of flavours. With almost as much variety as vape liquids, you can find everything from tobacco flavoured snus to lime, menthol, liquorice and even forest fruits, giving you just one extra reason to try this unique nicotine alternative.