What Is The Difference Between CBD Vape Liquid And CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol can be utilised in many different ways and through a number of applications. Whether it be through edibles, tinctures or ointments, it’s easy to find the model that suits your needs best. From Lovehemp vape liquids to shots in your coffee, the possibilities are near endless.

The diversity of CBD vehicles comes with a price though, too much choice! With so many out there, it can become difficult to ascertain which type is which, especially when you begin delineating between oils and vape liquids. On the surface, these two CBD concoctions may look the same, but when you take a closer look, there are some key differences in both how they’re made and what they’re made for. This blog will explore just how different CBD vape oil and CBD oil really are. 

What Is CBD Vape Oil?

CBD vape oil – or e-liquid to most- is a mixture of cannabidiol concentrate, organic compounds and carrier oils propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine as well as water. Many e-liquids also include additional flavourings to bring more taste notes to the inhalant. Vape liquids containing CBD range in concentration from 500 mg up to 8000 mg. 

How Best Is It Used?

CBD e-liquids can be used on many different vape devices. From the Vype starter kit to the Aspire variable current vaporiser, e-liquids can be filled into a vape tank and heated into a vapour. It’s worth noting that the high strength and effect of CBD vape liquids means that you’re best off using a lower-powered device such as a vape pen or pod mod for your cannabidiol fix. 

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an oil that you can add to various foodstuffs as an ingredient. CBD oil is usually made from a CBD extract, either full, broad or isolate spectrum, and has had an MCT oil such as coconut oil added as the carrier. You may also find that your CBD oil has had flavourings in the form of other essential oils and vitamins added to the mix for more character.

How Best Is It Used?

CBD oil is best used as an added ingredient in edibles. These include gummies, brownies and any other type of sweet treat that you could infuse CBD into. You can also use these oils as concentrated shots in drinks such as coffee, and there have even been CBD beers coming onto the market too!

What Is CBD Tincture?

CBD tinctures are made in a similar fashion to oils, but instead of using an MCT oil as a carrier, they are often mixed with alcohol as its carrier, often up to 70% in its concentration. As with MCT oils, the CBD tincture sometimes has flavourings or vitamins added to it, which hides its far more bitter taste. 

How Best Is It Used?

Most users of CBD tinctures will usually drop a drip under their tongue once or twice a day. Under the tongue is the best way to absorb the CBD tincture into the bloodstream, and usually takes effect after a few hours.

What Is Right For You?

Whether oil or a vape, it’s worth remembering that the most potent effects will come from oils, but the quickest acting will come from vape liquids. It entirely depends on what you want to use the CBD for when it comes to the type that suits you.