What Is Vapers Tongue?

Vaping has long been touted as a far safer option than smoking tobacco, shedding the carcinogens, toxins and lung problems that can come with smoking. Instead, heat not burn technology has evolved into a smoking cessation tool that has limited effects on the body. Whilst there are still some health warnings for the long term effects of nicotine use and some chemicals that are being shed from e-liquid flavourings, none of these compares to the debilitating effects of smoking. With CBD vapes now on the rise as well, there are many ways in which you can reap health benefits from e-liquids.

There are still some issues you might have to watch out for though, including vapers tongue. Whilst vaping is far less dangerous to the human body than smoking is, nicotine e-liquids and CBD vape oil can still do some funny things to your taste buds. This is unsurprising, one of the main draws to vaping is the vast range of flavours available and your taste buds are exposed to them on a daily basis. But how serious is vapers tongue, and how can you combat it?

What Is Vapers Tongue?

Vapers tongue is the sudden loss of taste that sometimes occurs when vaping the same e-liquid for prolonged periods. It’s as simple as this really – you might be happily vaping away on a new flavour that you’ve just bought from a vape store near you when suddenly you realise you can’t taste it anymore. It might feel like you have a thick coating on your tongue which is stopping you from attesting anything. You then consider if there’s a problem with the e-liquid, you try it again a few hours later and find the taste is back. The problem of these sudden and unannounced bouts of tastelessness with your e-liquid is not ideal, but usually doesn’t last for more than a few days, if not hours. 

Why Does Vapers Tongue Occur?

Your taste buds are made up of thousands of nerve endings and receptors on the tongue. These identify and transmit signals (in the form of taste) to your brain. Taste buds need saliva to work, and vaping can use up saliva in your mouth. As you might predict, this can cause a sudden loss of taste, especially if the lack of saliva is paired with becoming too accustomed to the same flavour of e-liquid. In short, a mix of dehydration and over-acclimatisation to an e-liquid flavour can lead to vapers tongue.

How To Combat Vapers Tongue

There are several ways that you can decrease the effects or lessen the likelihood of developing vapers tongue with e-liquid and cannabis vape oil. Make sure that you swap flavours at least once a week, and perhaps even consider trying flavours like menthol, or even flavourless e-liquid. This last point is especially important if you’ve already developed vapers tongue and want to decrease the amount of time that you have it for. Try vaping less often as well, and make sure that whenever you do vape, you have a glass of water to stay hydrated.