What Makes CBD So Popular?

CBD has seen a large resurgence in the last few years. Since it’s legalisation in 2018, the wellness and vape market has seen a huge influx of unique cannabidiol products. From your local pharmacy to vape shops in Blackfriars station, CBD is readily available to over 18s’ in both recreational and prescription form.

But what makes CBD products such as CBD Heets for the IQOS stand out amongst other vaping and recreational products? Whilst its use in prescription medication has been widely researched and powerful in the fight against rare forms of epilepsy and cancer symptom relief, those using it recreationally are choosing between that and nicotine and allowing the herby taste to be added to the likes of coffee and even foodstuffs. Below is everything you need to know about what makes CBD so popular, and how you can benefit from its emergence as a leading product in sleep aid and better mental health.

What Is Cannabidiol?


Cannabidiol is a chemical stemming from the cannabis plant, one that doesn’t have the psychoactive properties of its counterpart THC but instead harnesses anxiety and pain-relieving qualities that can be helpful in the treatment of chronic physical illnesses and mental illnesses. 

How It Differs From THC


Whilst both are a form of terpene, cannabidiol is less dangerous than THC in that it doesn’t evoke the “high” of it’s prohibited cousin chemical. There’s a lot fo stigma around CBD due to its association with THC, but the reality is that it has long been used in many medications. It’s only recently that it’s hit the mainstream and become popular in other recreational products. 

Sleep Aid

Sleep Aid

One of the most prominent uses of cannabidiol in casual medication and supplements is as a sleep aid. Due to its relaxing qualities, CBD can be used as a mild sedative to focus and calm the mind before bed. This has become an especially popular reason for use during the COVID pandemic when long hours indoors and lockdown idleness have led to more restless nights. 

But Give It Time

CBD will have subtle effects, and its effectiveness will increase as you use it more often. Supplements and tinctures advertise mental health and sleep improvement, but many will neglect to mention the fact that it takes a while for the chemical to build up in the body before reaping tangible results. 

CBD Flexibility

From Vype CBD e-liquid pods to cooking oil, there are many ways to get your CBD fix. This has been one of the most sellable aspects of CBD giving everyone who wants to try it a method of consumption that they’ll be comfortable with. Not everyone will want to invest in a vape device, and the bitter taste of CBD tinctures will certainly not be to everyone’s palate.

CBD As A Hobby

CBD is more than just a product, it can be utilised as a tool for cooking and experimenting as well. CBD loose leaf and vape liquids such as Nasty CBD can be mixed with other flavours in both vape liquids and food products. Try making your own CBD gummies for a fun and fulfilling afternoon in the kitchen. 

Something For Everyone

Whether it be e-liquid or loose leaf, there is well and truly a CBD form for everyone. The broad spectrum of ailments that CBD helps to relieve the symptoms of amasses into a large Venn diagram, so get researching and find out which form of cannabidiol is right for your needs!