What Nicotine Concentration is Right For You?

Vaping is more popular today than ever amongst ex-smokers, with a dizzying array of devices and products available. Vapers can choose from hundreds of different flavours, from berry blast to key lime pie…but the taste isn’t the only thing to consider when buying vape juice in the UK.

You also need to decide what nicotine concentration is right for you. 

How does nicotine work in vape liquids?

Nicotine in vape liquids is infused into a substance called propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is one of two organic compounds which create the base for e-liquid mixes. Propylene glycol is infused with the nicotine and other flavourings (like berry blast and key lime pie), whilst vegetable glycerine adds to the thickness of the e-liquid. 

How does nicotine work in vape liquids?

Thicker e-liquids = denser vape clouds.

What are the dosages?

Under the 2016 TPD regulations, pre-filled e-liquids can contain up to 20 mg of concentrated nicotine per 10 ml bottle. The concentrations can be anywhere between 20 mg and 0 mg, usually measured in 3’s or 4’s.

What are the alternatives to pre-fills?

The standard measurements of nicotine concentration in e-liquid between 3 mg and 20 mg may not suffice for some vapers. For instance, the rise from 12 mg to the next level of 16 mg may miss the sweet spot for vapers who want 14 mg. 

This has led to a few alternative methods that DIY vapers have taken on to get the perfect nicotine concentration.

Nicotine shots

Nicotine shots are bottles of high concentration nicotine that are designed to be added to short fill bottles. Short fill bottles contain no nicotine and leave a quantity of the bottle empty, making it easier to add a nicotine shot to it. 

Since there is no limit to how many nicotine shots you add to pre-fills yourself, the sky is the limit and concentrations of nicotine could far exceed 20 mg if the vaper wants it to.

Heat not burn devices

Devices like the Pax 2 vaporiser are based on heat not burn technology. Whilst often being used for dry herb and CBD vaping, they can also utilise tobacco not through vaporizing it but heating the dry tobacco or specially designed cigarette end without releasing the dangerous chemicals. 

How to quantify your nicotine needs with vaping doses

Generally, ex-smokers of between 3 and 6 cigarettes a day should keep to vaping low levels of e-liquid, say 3 mg to 6 mg concentrations. 

Heavy smokers would best be off with between 16 mg and 18 mg e liquids. Preferences will undoubtedly vary, and of course, this all depends on the amount of time you spend vaping. 

How to quantify your nicotine needs with vaping doses

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