What Type Of Mod Is Right For You?

Vaporiser mods are an ever-changing part of the vaping world. Many vape devices have retained the same elements for years, their functions and objectives not requiring further innovation. Just take the IQOS UK as an example, these unique heat not burn devices put the focus on authenticity and ease of use, and with these needs having been met, there’s been no need for drastic changes to their pod mod models.

However, vape mods possess technology that allows for ever-expanding possibilities. With more and more devices being released every year, vape mods add a certain level of flexibility, the only limits of which are in our scientific knowledge. With design flair and user-friendliness at their heart, vape mods have become one of the most popular accessories bought at vape shops around the UK, and give designers and engineers new challenges to overcome.

With all this in mind, it’s no surprise that you may be stumped when it comes to the broad range of variable mods on the market. Below is a breakdown of the different species of vape mod and what each can add to your vaping experience.

What Is A Variable Mod?

Variable mods are devices that give you the power to choose how you vape. Whether it be through replaceable components, circuit power control or the very nature of the sensation and taste you experience, vape mods advance and elevate the experience of e-cigs.

Regulated Or Unregulated?

There are two main subheadings for variable mods, regulated and unregulated. Your choice between the two should come down to how confident you are in circuit building and control. Regulated mods are simply devices that have built-in circuit breakers so that you can’t overload the power of your device. This can be dangerous and may lead to your device being damaged, or in some case, exploding. This is the risk that unregulated users face. These devices provide complete authority over the power plugged into your vaporiser, giving you free rein but also responsibility to build your circuits safely.

Temperature Control

Temperature control devices are regulated mods and probably the simplest of the available e-cig mods in London and the UK. TC devices give you the power to choose what temperature your vape mod’s e-liquid is heated up to. This is the difference between a cool, sub-ohm vape cloud and an intense nicotine hit. The choice is up to you!

Variable Wattage

Variable wattage devices give you the power to control how much power your vape device generates. These devices work to change the flow of electricity running through your battery and coil so that you end up with the level of power you want at the end of the circuit.

Variable Voltage

A variable voltage mod on the other hand lets you calculate how much power runs through the system. This gives you more flexibility over the coil you use and the strain on your battery, rather than the output of your device.

Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods are devices that don’t provide any variable dials and aim for simplicity and power over technical complexity. These devices allow you free reign over the components of your vape deck, letting you choose the coils, atomisers and batteries that you use. The circuit maths, however, is left up to you, which is why these devices are best reserved for seasoned vapers.