What You Missed at the Europe CBD Expo 2019

The Europe CBD Expo 2019 – held July 12th-13th – had it all. New CBD oil UK products, networking opportunities, talk about policy and innovation, and so much more. Along with some of the most popular and respected brands in CBD (and plenty of up-and-comers!), CBDVape4u.com attended the event and we have a lot to tell you.

In case you missed it, here’s everything we took away from the inspiring conference.

Industry trends to look out for

CBD has – rather unfairly – gotten a bad reputation in some circles. Often (incorrectly) associated with marijuana, many people in the UK and worldwide approach CBD with caution, afraid of legal ramifications and potential psychoactive effects on the body.  

Of course, CBD is not marijuana. It doesn’t impair you. It’s a naturally occurring substance that is perfectly legal to buy and consume in the UK. That’s why at the CBD Expo 2019, we saw brands promoting CBD as a wellness solution.

Brands like FourFiveCBD – created by professional sportsmen – are focused on using CBD as a tool in supporting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. (For those worried, CBD has been a permitted substance on professional athlete’s drug tests since January 2018.) Similarly, other brands were pushing CBD Protein Powder and CBD Acai Berry Powder. Clearly, there’s a trend towards healthy and active lifestyles in the CBD space. 

And it’s not just humans that can benefit from CBD and cannabis oil and its effects on the body’s endocannabinoid (ECS) system – our pets can, too! That’s why there were plenty of CBD products for pets on offer, including drops for joint care, oil for calming anxiety, and dog food for general wellbeing. 

CBD Products to try

While there were hundreds of products available at the Europe CBD Expo – from CBD balms, creams and bath bombs to CBD apple jam, coffee and energy drinks  – there are a few that you can order right here online to be delivered to your door. 

How easy is that?

If you’re new to CBD vape juice, don’t miss out on Love Hemp products, available in a range of tasty flavours and dosages. If it’s your first time vaping or trying CBD, start with 100mg of CBD as opposed to 250mg.

If you’re rather try something topical, try out Vitality CBD’s skin cream or muscle balm, both made with natural ingredients. 

Other events to watch out for

If you’re interested in CBD or cannabis oil – whether as a consumer, an investor, or an influencer – there are a handful of other events coming up in around London, perfect for you to attend to learn more about CBD products, how they’re made, what their effects are, and how the industry is growing and evolving. 

For an opportunity to learn more about the economics of this industry, book tickets for Product Earth Festival on August 23 where you can enjoy a talk about hemp and the possibility that it may be the cash crop of the future for British farming. The event is being held at the National Agricultural & Exhibition Centre in Warwickshire. 

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something more similar to the Europe CBD Expo, don’t miss The Hemp & CBD Expo in Birmingham on September 14th-15th. 

For more industry updates, product news, and upcoming events keep up with our blog and – of course – if you’re looking for a great selection of CBD oil in the UK, shop online or visit us in store.