What’s Best For Me – CBD Vaping Or CBD Edibles?

CBD’s many benefits have led to huge steps forward in its cultivation and applications. From prescribed medication to casual vaping, CBD has quickly found its way from the fringes to mainstream culture, due to its broad array of symptom-relieving effects and ease of use. 

Two of it’s easiest uses are in vape liquid and edibles. Both of these have a more informal feel to them and take away the stigma of prescribed medication and supplements, which can feel a little threatening to the everyday person. CBD vape oil and edibles mean that you can casually and safely use cannabidiol products with no prescription, unlike supplements and tinctures which are not packaged with added taste and fun. Whilst many people find supplements, tinctures and CBD capsules UK to be useful, the routine of them and the often high concentrations might mean that they are too strong for the average user, and all without the great tastes and flavour notes that vaping and edibles bring. 

So, with CBD edibles and CBD vaping both providing unique attributes for the casual user, which one will suit your needs?

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles can come in a great many forms. Usually these are foodstuffs that have been infused with CBD oil, cooked and blended into unique recipes or items. Edible CBD foods can include gummy bears, brownies and any recipe you can think of.


CBD edibles allow you to pair nutritious or tasty dishes with the benefits of CBD. Whether it be a CBD shot in your morning coffee, or a sumptuous chocolate mousse dessert, comfort and relaxation are perfectly blended, to the point wher you may not even realise that the extra flavour note is cannabidiol.

Slow Acting

One aspect to be aware of with CBD edibles is that the therapeutic effects of the terpene will take between half an hour to sixty minutes to kick in. This means that you might have to prepare for the effects in advance, but will benefit from them for between 6 to 8 hours before the edible is digested by the acid in your stomach.

CBD Vaping

Varying in flavour and concentrations, CBD vaping is a fast acting inhaled aerosol that you can use on a great deal of heat not burn devices. From your standard vape device to loose leaf oven vapes, this is one of the msot casual ways to enjoy CBD.


CBD vaping is very fast acting as it is absorbed by the bloodstream through your mouth and lungs, rather than through your digestive system. CBD can give you a quick fix of therapeutic and anti inflammatory sensation, and can be an effective and quick way to relieve muscle aches and pains.

Know Your Vapes

However, CBD vaping will require you to invest in kit. If you don’t already own or use vape devices, then it is best to do some research into the culture to ensure that it’s right for you and your needs as a CBD user.