Which Vape Kit Should You Start With?

What are you looking for in a vape kit? It’s an important question to ask, especially when you want to make use of the best e liquid in London. Are you starting off as a beginner? Do you want an advanced piece of equipment or one that’s more like a cigarette. There are lots of things to think about. But you don’t have to worry about that because we’ve done the hard work for you.

Where to start looking?

If you’re new to vaping then you want to begin your journey with a reputable supplier. One that knows the industry, the products and can help you find the right starter kit. By ensuring that you’ve found the right shop you’ll have somewhere to go each time you need any products or assistance and you’ll save time and effort, compared to having to look around.

Or just come to us

Of course, that’s where we come in. As one of the most popular online and in-store vape suppliers in the UK, we don’t want to blow our own trumpet…but toot toot, we do have it all. From various e liquids to CBD products to starter kits, you want it, we’ll get it for you.

The vape kit rundown

For beginners, a vape pen would be the best way to start. Devices such as the SMOKO vape starter kit are great. It’s similar to a disposable model (but don’t discard it) and comes in a small, pen-like shape. You can draw straight away, without having to press down a button, so for something so simple, it’s got the right technology in place.

If you’re a beginner or you just happen to like the look and feel of a cigarette, then the Epuffer Magnum Snaps could be the starter kit you need. The rechargeable case looks like a packet of cigarettes…but without the grim health warnings! And inside are the e-pens which look like cigarettes. Only a lot cooler.

The Juul starter kit UK is one of our most popular starter kits. And that’s not just because Sophie Turner is the unofficial ambassador of the Juul! It’s a great piece of vaping equipment, in part due to its sleek look and feel but also because it’s easy to vape from too. You can get stuck in straightaway, like the SMOKO, making it feel like a cigarette. As well as being easy to vape, it’s easy to charge and to change the Juulpods too.

Not a fan of big brands? Then why not try the best Juul alternative around – the Apollo Brez. It looks like a Juul, has a generous selection of pre filled pods and is a bit more affordable. But if you want the real deal, then why not go the whole hog and try out the Juul – the starter kit is perfect for beginners and professional vapers!

If you’re not sure which vape kit to start with, come and visit us in store and we can talk it through. Or feel free to get in touch with us here – we’re happy to help.