Why CBD is so Important for Vapers

Whilst vaping has been on the market for years, we are seeing a much bigger trend emerging and that is CBD (Cannabidiol.) The vape industry has seen it all over the years, with companies going from offering just a few standard flavours, going to more bespoke tastes, and even experimenting with the way people like their PG and VG ect. So, it only makes sense that eventually people would want to use vaping as a therapeutic method. By adding CBD into the mix.

It is a known fact that CBD helps people with a whole host of ailments, which includes anxiety, depression, insomnia, chemical imbalances and chronic pain issues. It has been used for its anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties.

So, why do vapers need CBD?

There are many reasons that vapers like to add CBD to their vaping experience, we are going to cover these below:

In order to relax – Many people use CBD purely to relax when they don’t have any physically conditions. They can use it help relieve any short-term stress from things such as stress, panic attacks or anxiety.

Help with chronic conditions – It is a known fact that CBD can help alleviate the symptoms of those with chronic pain, neurological disorders, nausea and convulsions.

To help strengthen the cardiovascular system – It can help prevent plaque build-up and also help to lower you blood pressure.

There are so many variations of CBD vape juice to choose from to help you start your CBD journey.

Why do vaping and CBD go hand in hand?

The reason that vaping is a great pairing for CBD is because it is the fastest way to get the CBD into your system. During the vaporisation, the CBD will enter the lungs, and go directly into the bloodstream. It gets to the bloodstream at a much higher absorption rate rather than things like oils or edibles which pass through the digestive system and take a lot longer to feel the effects. This is why if you have anxiety or stress, vaping is the best and quickest way to help you feel the relaxing effects.

Is it safe to vape with CBD?

Yes! CBD is a non-toxic substance and has no side-effects. The reason that people like it so much is that is has no psychoactive properties, so you will not get high. It is also non-addictive and is safe for your blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Also, for long term users, you do not need to increase the dosage to get the same results.

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