Why You Should Clean Your Tanks And Atomisers

Clearomisers, also known as cartomisers and atomisers, as well as vape tanks, are just two components within a vape device, but they are the most important when it comes to the taste of your e-liquid. Whilst batteries and mouthpieces are vehicles for the power and transferring e-liquid into vapour, the tank and the clearomiser are what actually store the liquid. 

We’ve all been exposed to the sensation dubbed “vapers tongue”. In fact, this term is misleading, it’s not your tastebuds that are usually the problem, but the device itself. That burnt taste that comes with degraded wicking cotton and coils can seriously diminish the satisfaction and pleasure you get from your e-liquid. At CBD Vape 4 U’s vape shop Blackfriars, our staff are always happy to give you advice on why and how cleaner vape components can help better your experience. If you can’t make it to our London shop, this blog will outline the ways you can keep your coil, atomiser and tank in good condition. 

What Are Atomisers, Clearomisers And Cartomisers?

Cartomisers, clearomisers and atomisers are different names for the same selection of components in a vape device. These usually consist of a coil, wicking cotton and e-liquid tank. Pod mod devices such as Vype at CBD Vape 4 U contain all of these vaping components within the disposable cartridge, making it an efficient and easy device to use for first-time vapers.

What Is A Vape Tank?

vape tank

Vape tanks are separate containers for e-liquid that are built outside of the atomiser body. Vape tanks are mostly found on rebuildable vape mods, which don’t have a cartomiser or clearomiser. The vape tank, like the coil and wicking cotton in a vape mod, is replaceable and therefore easier to customise than the all in one clearomiser is. 

How Do Atomisers Become Dirty?

Atomisers, clearomisers and cartomisers can build up gunk from congealed e-liquid. This is especially common on high VG liquids, which are thicker in their consistency. Furthermore, coils and wicking cotton can degrade over time because of the heat from the battery to which they are exposed to. Oxidised metal can taste horrible and can add pollutants to your vape inhale. 

How Can A Vape Tank Become Dirty?

A vape tank can become dirty due to congealed e-liquid or in the case of the IQOS heated tobacco device’s Heet sticks, residue from the tobacco. This can harden and stick to the tank if heated to a high temperature or if it’s not stored properly and can affect the taste of any further e-liquids dripped into the tank.

Signs Your Components Might Need A Clean

It should be clear when your tank or atomiser needs to be replaced. The taste of e-liquids such as Nasty juice will change or weaken, and you might taste metal or burning when you vape. However, instead of throwing it away, there are instances when you can clean both your tank and your atomiser to prolong its life in your vape device.

Cleaning your Atomiser

Cleaning your atomiser does not mean it will last forever, you will, at some point, have to replace it. To clean your atomiser, clearomiser or cartomiser, soak the inside of the component with water or pure grain alcohol. Leave it to soak for a few minutes to rid the insides of any stubborn gunk or residue before rinsing it out with water. You’ll need to wait for the component to dry, probably for around 24 hours, before it’s ready for use again. Also worth noting is that not all atomiser types can be cleaned. Some are too delicate and cleaning them may cause damage to the coil. 

The same process can be undertaken with a vape tank, except that you’ll be able to reach the insides of a tank easily with a q tip or swab.