Why You Should Treat Yourself to IQOS HEETS

As variety and choice go, there are few hobbies to top vaping. From e-cigarettes to vape pens and from mods to pods, the number of different vape devices on the market is truly staggering, ensuring enjoying e-liquids of all kinds is a hugely flexible activity, these days.

Yet, to bring it down to a simpler level perhaps (and, at the same time, to underscore the high-quality choice available to every vaper out there), what devices are advisable for those getting into the vaping game? What easy-to-use, pretty much no-nonsense vaping gear might someone hoping soon to be an ex-smoker look to start off with on their vaping journey?

Well, many noobs could do far worse than kicking things off with the relatively new, all-encompassing, quick and easy device that’s an IQOS HEET. Marketed by its manufacturers as neither a vaping device, nor a cigarette, the HEET offers a tobacco experience, rather like that of a conventional cigarette, but with very little of the toxic chemicals that conventional tobacco smoke forces the body to consume. In that case, you might well find many a vape shop London advises buying a packet of HEETS as a suitable first step in getting off the hazardous ciggies and into vaping – via an e-cig or vape pen filled with e-liquid.

What are IQOS HEETS?

Similar in appearance to what many in the vaping world might describe as e-cigs and/ or vape pens, IQOS HEETS are perhaps best described by the term IQOS themselves use to define them: ‘tobacco sticks’. After all, they do, indeed, comprise tobacco – which, in a vapour form, users can consume – but this is a smart, progressive form of tobacco that (despite containing the addictive if non-damaging chemical that’s nicotine, like many vape juices do), nonetheless is claimed by IQOS to be 95% less dangerous to a user’s health than smoking a conventional tobacco cigarette.

Apparently, this is because the specialist tobacco in a HEET is *heated* not burned in each ‘tobacco stick’ device, which also, handily, ensures puffing on a HEET is less smelly than smoking a cigarette. Most pertinently, though, it means using a HEET is about as healthy, compared to smoking, as is vaping. Great news, for sure.

Moreover, a HEET experience offers about the same duration to that of a smoking a conventional ciggie – up to about six minutes or roughly 14 puffs. Plus, IQOS have nattily ensured that a pack of HEETS (each of which consists of 20 different ‘tobacco sticks’) is available with a specific flavour. To be precise, seven different tastes are available; ranging from classic tobacco to menthol blends.

How do IQOS HEETS work?

Simple to use and simply designed, IQOS HEETS online always deliver their unique consistent tobacco experience. How? Well, it’s all courtesy of the fact the HEET’s specialist flavoured tobacco is snapped into the device and compressed in such a way that exactly the correct amount is in contact with the HEET holder’s heating blade.

Designed, then, to ensure the tobacco’s heated – as noted above, not burned – evenly from inside out, this smart blade delivers tobacco vapour that then passes through a cooling plug, so when the vapour passes through the mouthpiece and is consumed by the user and sucked down into their lungs, it’s just the right temperature.

Moreover, the tobacco’s always just the right flavour, just the right smell and just the right health-conscious tobacco experience for a smoker looking to make the leap away from conventional tobacco, with all its life-threatening toxin-packed tar.