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Maintaining Your Dry Herb Vaporiser

Vaporisers have long since evolved from their early cigalike days, growing to include not only e-liquids but dry herb products as well. Heat not burn is not just a technique that can be used for vaping, but for ingesting loose leaf and organic products as well. Dry herb vaporisers continue to increase in popularity, thanks in part to the rise of CBD products such as CBD tinctures and CBD gummy bears, which are all made from a naturally occurring terpene in the marijuana plant. Melding the calming benefits of CBD with the ingenuity of heat not burn devices has become far easier and mainstream-accepted in recent years. The compressed tobacco of Phillip Morriss’s smoking cessation device – the IQOS UK has been at it for a while now, so it was only a matter of time before companies such as PAX created a dry herb vaporiser perfect for loose-leaf marijuana and cannabidiol extracts. These devices pose less of a threat to the body than smoking loose leaf does and strives to generate clean yet effective vapour. To maintain the efficiency of your dry herb vaporiser, however, there are a few steps you must take to ensure that it is clean and functioning correctly. Why Should You Clean Your Dry Herb Vaporiser? Dry herb vaporisers heat up organic material, and like with any device that uses heat to function, the internal components that are made of metal may begin to oxidise over time. Furthermore, gunk from the organic matter and/or cannabidiol will gradually accumulate residue in the oven compartments and filters in the device. Heat not burn vaporisers pride themselves on producing cleaner vapour than tobacco smoke, and the cleaner your device, the less unhealthy your vapour will be. How to Clean Your Vaporiser Different brands of dry herb vape kits […]
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CBD buds and oil – a look at CBD for vapers

With their renowned therapeutic properties – including the ability to help curb chronic pain and the symptoms of other long-term illnesses and conditions – cannabidiol (CBD) products, sourced from the cannabis plant are becoming increasingly popular, in mainstream society. Moreover, vaping has fast become established as one of the easiest and safest ways of consuming them. All the same, should you be interested in going the cannabidiol vaping route, there’s much to be aware of and consider.
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Should I Use CBD Buds or CBD Edibles?

With the broad variety of CBD applications out there, it can be difficult to decide what is right for you. With each mode of CBD usage coming with its own unique benefits, no one but you will know what benefits your specific needs. With research ongoing into the potential uses of CBD buds, oil, edibles and cream, the industry continues to grow and users are being given more room to experiment with taste, flavour and effect. If you’re a CBD user or want to get to know the different types out there, then this blog breaks down two of the most popular – CBD buds and CBD edibles. These types of cannabidiol are incredibly useful for many different reasons and provide a range of enticing flavours, sensations and therapeutic benefits. Below are just some of the reasons why you should try them, and what you can expect when using them.
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Understanding what CBD hemp flower is

You can’t help but notice how CBD has slowly been going mainstream with so many people opting to use it as a safe and natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. They are using them to help them treat conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress and even more. You can get you’re your products in many forms such as capsules, CBD vape oils UK, edibles and creams. But now, there is another product that people are starting to take note of, and that’s CBD buds or CBD flower buds. We are going to look into the benefits of using CBD buds UK and why they are becoming increasingly popular. So, what are CBD hemp flower buds?
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Chew your anxiety away

CBD can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. And that’s one of the reasons (of many) that make it so great. You can vape it, you can apply it as a cream or oil and if you really want to, you can eat it. Yup, CBD gummies and CBD flowers can be eaten directly or mixed in with various foods so you can reap all the benefits of CBD by ingesting it. Which is great if you suffer from anxiety or particular mental health issues and use CBD as a remedy.
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Can you smoke CBD buds?

The short answer – yes. Come to think of it, the long answer is yes as well. But if you’ve come here to learn more then we’re here to teach. CBD can be ingested in many ways, from gummies to capsules but for the vapers out there, CBD buds can be vaped to really get the maximum benefit from them. What are CBD buds? CBD buds are basically hemp in its purest form. Once the hemp plant reaches its maturation, it can be harvested for commercial reasons. Thus, the CBD flower is born and ready to be enjoyed. Although they come from the same plant, CBD buds are different to marijuana buds, so they don’t have the high levels of THC that it’s counterpart has. A huge plus of CBD buds is that it is a natural product. It’s grown from the ground up (and then can be ground up – our little joke for you there) and can be enjoyed numerous ways, though the most common and popular way is to vape them.
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What’s the best temperature for vaping weed

An advantage of vaping weed or hemp flowers is having control over the said temperature. When you smoke, nothing is stopping the bud from reaching temperatures as high as 4000° F (or 2200° C). In this article, we have detailed three temperature ranges and highlighted their differences and advantages. Bear in mind that everyone’s experience can differ depending on a few key factors. For instance, two weed vaporizers set to the same temperature may sometimes generate a different type of vapour.  Also, each strain comprises different levels of terpenes and cannabinoids, which brings about their smell, taste, and effects.  These organic compounds volatilize at various temperatures and will alter the experience. Use this guide to play around with different settings. Lightly toasted Vape This falls between 325-350°F and 163-177°C. The main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis contains a boiling point of 315° F (157° C).  You would not want to go anything lower than 325° F (163° C), particularly if you want to feel something when smoking. Low temps would possibly appeal to you if you want to make the best out of the flavour from your bud.  It generates a fresh taste, with citrusy and/or piney undertones. Vaping this way, the vapor will be much cooler, and less harsh on the throat, so you probably won’t cough as much. However, the possible side effects include paranoia, red eyes and cottonmouth. If you are awake, low temp vaping can give you the feeling you want, without burning you out for the day. This is the ideal setting for newcomers and lightweights who don’t want to get too intoxicated. It is an intense terpene flavor that is fresh, citrus and piney best suited for getting chores done and for newcomers, lightweights or flavor chasers With this, you have a cooler vapor and […]
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