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Pod Mods Or Dry Herb – Which Is Best For You?

Vaping has long since become one of the most important smoking cessation tools on the market, attracting millions of users the world over and diminishing the damaging effects of smoking. It goes without saying that as an industry increases in demand, broader ranges of products begin being developed, and more advanced ones too.  This is where pod mods and dry herb vaporisers come in. These two ingenious products use the same heat not burn technology but deliver nicotine in completely different ways. There are many similarities to them but at the end of the day, pod mods and dry herb e-cigs are made for different types of customers. This blog will explore how both types of devices have revolutionised the vaping industry and the types of customers that they are best suited to. Whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned veteran, at least one of these two heat not burn technologies can enhance the way you vape and gift you with a new collection of stellar nicotine replacements.  What Is A Pod Mod? A pod mod is a vape device that utilises cartridges instead of a tank. Once these cartridges are empty, the cartridge is simply discarded and a new one slotted in. Devices such as the Vype starter kit are usually small in shape and inhale activated, although you might find some with a fire button. The e-liquids they use are often highly concentrated with nicotine, making them perfect for recent ex-smokers who are beginning their vaping journey. What Is A Dry Herb Vaporiser? Dry herb vaporisers like the PAX 2 vaporiser UK are more complex heat not burn devices that vaporise organic matter with higher and often switchable temperatures. Using an oven compartment, these devices use a specially designed filter system to shield the user from the […]
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What Is Vapers Tongue?

Vaping has long been touted as a far safer option than smoking tobacco, shedding the carcinogens, toxins and lung problems that can come with smoking. Instead, heat not burn technology has evolved into a smoking cessation tool that has limited effects on the body. Whilst there are still some health warnings for the long term effects of nicotine use and some chemicals that are being shed from e-liquid flavourings, none of these compares to the debilitating effects of smoking. With CBD vapes now on the rise as well, there are many ways in which you can reap health benefits from e-liquids. There are still some issues you might have to watch out for though, including vapers tongue. Whilst vaping is far less dangerous to the human body than smoking is, nicotine e-liquids and CBD vape oil can still do some funny things to your taste buds. This is unsurprising, one of the main draws to vaping is the vast range of flavours available and your taste buds are exposed to them on a daily basis. But how serious is vapers tongue, and how can you combat it? What Is Vapers Tongue? Vapers tongue is the sudden loss of taste that sometimes occurs when vaping the same e-liquid for prolonged periods. It’s as simple as this really – you might be happily vaping away on a new flavour that you’ve just bought from a vape store near you when suddenly you realise you can’t taste it anymore. It might feel like you have a thick coating on your tongue which is stopping you from attesting anything. You then consider if there’s a problem with the e-liquid, you try it again a few hours later and find the taste is back. The problem of these sudden and unannounced bouts of tastelessness with […]
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Understanding PG And VG – A Beginners Guide

Vaping is often considered to be an incredibly complex process but whilst the intricacies of heat not burn technology do require some technical know-how to manufacture and design, the vape liquids that it provides a vehicle for are indeed relatively simple in their makeup. All e-liquids are made up of five main ingredients – flavourings, nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine that are all mixed into a water-based solution and sold as e-liquids at CBD Vape 4 U and other vaping supply retailers. Whilst nicotine and flavourings have their own complexities and are widely understood by the general public. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, on the other hand, might be a little more obscure to most people. This blog will explore how propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine work, where they come from and why these substances are so important in e-liquids. Whether you’re new to vaping or not, having a better understanding of the relationships between these ingredients could help you make the right purchases at our vape shop in Blackfriars Station, or indeed help when you mix your own e-liquids. What Is Propylene Glycol? Propylene glycol is a type of liquid that carries no flavour or colour and is commonly used in food products as a preservative. It’s also found in several types of medication, most prominently aerosol asthma inhalers. You’ll also find propylene glycol used in some cosmetic products and even antifreeze. Don’t worry though, it’s perfectly safe to inhale in vape products! What Is Vegetable Glycerine? Vegetable glycerine is derived from animal fat, plant matter or petroleum and is a sugar alcohol. Having been used by humans since the late 19th century, vegetable glycerine is a sweet syrupy liquid and a common ingredient in cosmetic products, food and some pharmaceuticals. A useful substance for mixing and coagulating […]
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Top Tips For E-Cigs On A Budget

Thanks to the many restrictions on tobacco products, cigarettes have seen a sharp rise in price over the last ten years. As a deterrent, this works wonders as more and more people give up the expensive and dangerous habit and focus instead on nicotine replacement alternatives like the JUUL at London stores. Whilst some replacements, such as nicotine gum and patches, can come at quite high prices vaping has retained its inexpensiveness thanks to efficient manufacturing costs and customer demand.  Even with its cheap premium prices, there are even more ways to save money on vaping and ensure that you are never spending more than you need to. This blog will explore the various ways in which you can find great value deals and save money both in the long term and the short term on your vaping products. Clearance Sales Whether for devices or components like the IQOS Heets Sienna flavours, you can find many unique e-liquids and vape accessories in clearance sales. These products have ended up clearance for a great many reasons, but never for low quality. In fact, clearance sales on vape store websites and at high street retailers are a great way of purchasing last years new vaping technology at a fraction of the price. Bundle Packs Many vaping websites advertise brand bundle packs of e-liquids or components. Buying in a bundle often gives you flexibility and new opportunities to experiment with new flavours you might not have tried before. Most importantly, bundle packs usually save a few pennies rather than buying the products individually.  Wholesale A common trend at vape stores in London and online is that the retailer is also a manufacturer, and as a manufacturer, companies have to push the boat out when it comes to how and who they sell to. […]
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How Does Nicotine Affect The Body?

Nicotine’s use in smoking cessation tools has seen a dramatic increase since the development of e-liquids in the early noughties. Ex-smokers now favour vaping as the method of kicking the habit for good, and it’s easy to see why. With so many flavours, devices and even the development of other e-cigarette products like CBD vape oil in the UK, it’s no surprise that many vapers have kicked the habit for good and have stuck to the heat not burn alternative.  However, nicotine is a highly addictive substance and doesn’t come without its side effects. Nicotine overdoses are indeed real, and whilst not life-threatening can have a number of unwanted side effects. Below we explore the various ways that nicotine can affect the human body, and how to avoid ingesting too much of it.  What Is Nicotine? Nicotine is a chemical found in the nightshade family of plants, of which tomatoes and potatoes are two of the best-known species. Tobacco, however, is the most nicotine abundant of these and exemplifies the addictive qualities of nicotine. Nicotine in it’s rawest form can be an irritant to the skin, but when ingested, acts as a stimulant and focus enhancer. It’s also very addictive, and withdrawal symptoms include nausea, irritability and sleep disruption. E-Liquids As A Safer Choice One of the most dangerous uses of nicotine is tobacco. Tobacco is traditionally burnt to enjoy the relaxing yet stimulating sensations of nicotine, but the smoke also unlocks the cancer-causing chemicals and harmful toxins that are locked within the chemically treated plant matter. E-liquids and IQOS compressed tobacco cartridges such as the Sienna Heets utilise heat not burn technology so that the nicotine is unlocked without the harmful pollutants that make tobacco so unhealthy.  Effects of Nicotine Smoking cessation tools such as vaping and Lyft nicotine […]
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Why You Should Clean Your Tanks And Atomisers

Clearomisers, also known as cartomisers and atomisers, as well as vape tanks, are just two components within a vape device, but they are the most important when it comes to the taste of your e-liquid. Whilst batteries and mouthpieces are vehicles for the power and transferring e-liquid into vapour, the tank and the clearomiser are what actually store the liquid.  We’ve all been exposed to the sensation dubbed “vapers tongue”. In fact, this term is misleading, it’s not your tastebuds that are usually the problem, but the device itself. That burnt taste that comes with degraded wicking cotton and coils can seriously diminish the satisfaction and pleasure you get from your e-liquid. At CBD Vape 4 U’s vape shop Blackfriars, our staff are always happy to give you advice on why and how cleaner vape components can help better your experience. If you can’t make it to our London shop, this blog will outline the ways you can keep your coil, atomiser and tank in good condition.  What Are Atomisers, Clearomisers And Cartomisers? Cartomisers, clearomisers and atomisers are different names for the same selection of components in a vape device. These usually consist of a coil, wicking cotton and e-liquid tank. Pod mod devices such as Vype at CBD Vape 4 U contain all of these vaping components within the disposable cartridge, making it an efficient and easy device to use for first-time vapers. What Is A Vape Tank? Vape tanks are separate containers for e-liquid that are built outside of the atomiser body. Vape tanks are mostly found on rebuildable vape mods, which don’t have a cartomiser or clearomiser. The vape tank, like the coil and wicking cotton in a vape mod, is replaceable and therefore easier to customise than the all in one clearomiser is.  How Do Atomisers […]
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Understanding Nicotine Salts

Cannabidiol is a popular method of non-nicotine vaping, with a calming effect and distinctive taste that sets it apart from other vape liquids. The best vape shops in London stock cannabidiol e-liquids and many people now treat e-cigarettes and dry herb vaporisers as something completely independent from smoking cessation.  That being said, with all the cannabidiol research and CBD devices becoming increasingly popular, nicotine concentrated e-liquids are not overlooked. New developments in the smoking cessation market continue to reap rewards for vapers and one such development is nicotine salts. These unique vape liquids provide a new experience for heavy nicotine users and ex-smokers and have a distinct molecular makeup that sets them apart from normal vape liquids in a variety of ways. For those interested in trying nicotine salt e-liquids, this blog will provide an overview of what it is and how it works. What Are Nicotine Salts? Nicotine salt e-liquids are designed to be more satisfying for high nicotine concentration vapers. For instance, those who enjoy the compressed tobacco of the IQOS UK might find that their next step towards vaping is nicotine salt e-liquids. These e-liquids are designed to be more palatable at higher concentrations and were developed to be used on 50 mg of nicotine per 10 ml bottle.  How Does It Compare To Freebasing? To fully understand nicotine salts, one must compare it to freebasing. When originally developed by PAX Labs, the creators of the PAX 2 vaporiser, nicotine salts were an alternative to freebasing. Freebasing is a nicotine fusion process that has its roots in the 1960s’. Back then, tobacco companies such as Phillip Morris realised that if you made the nicotine atom alkaline in its PH level, it would be easier to absorb in the blood, and produce more of a kick at lower […]
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Which Vape Device Suits My Needs?

Vape devices have come a long way since they were first developed in the early noughties. With countless new brands, e-liquid flavours and balances, the range of devices and components can be overwhelming if you’re a first-time vaper.  That’s why we’ve developed this guide for vape devices and their unique functions. To understand which type of vape device corresponds to which type of vaping mode and e-liquid, the best thing to do is try them all yourself, but research can help you make a purchase as well. Whether you’re a fan of sub-ohm e liquids and cloud chasing or you’re a Lyft powder user who wants to try e-liquid, this blog will explain everything you need to know about vape devices. Sub-Ohm Devices Sub-ohm vape devices are e-cigs designed to work at lower than one ohm of resistance. This means that more power flows through the e-cig, and therefore more vapour is produced. Your device will need a specific type of coil and might also possess variable current controls alongside its sub-ohm capabilities. These devices are best used on low nicotine e-juices that are heavier on vegetable glycerine ratios and more palatable with large inhales. Mechanical Mods Mechanical mods are entirely customisable and have no dials or adjustable currents. Instead, users are gifted with a rebuildable deck that can be built and rebuilt from scratch. Mechanical mods have a learning curve to them, users must learn to build a circuit and the right power inputs and outputs necessary for the safe function of the device. Mechanical mods are most commonly used for the same types of e-liquid as sub-ohm devices. Temperature Control The beauty of temperature control vape devices is that they are so versatile. Users might want to vape concentrated, nicotine heavy inhales or indeed treat them more like […]
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Should I Buy My Vape Products In-Store Or Online?

Over the last decade, vaping has become one of the most popular and readily available smoking cessation tools. With the discomfort of nicotine patches and the low nicotine concentration of gum, vaping can provide not only more flexibility and satisfaction but variety too. On top of this, vaping has become far more accessible and widely accepted in mainstream culture, meaning that it is found in far more shops than gum and patches ever were.  Whilst other smoking cessation tools are only found in supermarkets and pharmacies, vaping products are everywhere, from our very own vape shop in Blackfriars Station to your local corner shop. There’s a huge marketplace for them online too, making it even easier to find great value wholesale deals and bundle packs.  But if you’re a first-time vaper, where’s the best place to start? Online shops and high street retailers both have their own benefits, and you might find that one suits you more than the other. From bundle packs of Vype CBD to collectable special edition e-cigarettes, here are the pros and cons of buying online and in-store. Online Retailers Online retailers might be a specific vape brand website or a digital shop that sells a variety of products such as CBD Heets. These companies usually store their stock in a warehouse, from where it is dispatched when an order comes in from an online customer. Wholesale And Deals One of the best things about online shops is that they have more flexibility with deals. Many online vape retailers sell directly to high street shops, who, when buying over a certain threshold, will see the prices per unit drop significantly. The same goes with clearance deals for recreational customers. Online means near limitless space for stock and this can mean a wider range of deals than […]
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