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Is Secondhand Vapor dangerous?

The secondhand vapor which is also known as an aerosol is vapor breathed out into the atmosphere by an e-cig user. It lingers in the air long enough so that anyone in the same room would likely breathe in some of the exhaled aerosols. As the name implies,  bystanders are not breathing in secondhand smoke because secondhand e-cigarette vapour simply is not smoke. Smoke is a derivative of combustion. Burning substances like wood, leaves, a building, or any plant material, including tobacco with fire, would produce volatile gasses, carcinogenic solid particles, carbon monoxide, and a variety of dangerous byproducts that in cigarette smoke called tar.  What is Second hand vapor? Secondhand smoke isn’t as hazardous as inhaling directly from a cigarette (tar), however, regular and lengthy exposure to it is deemed a serious hazard. Before we proceed to tell you how secondhand vapor is produced, check out the following some of our best collections of  vampire vape flavours, disposable CBD vape pen, and iceliqs e-liquid How is secondhand vapor created? Secondhand vapor is created by E-cigs heat e-liquid with a small metal coil housed in an atomizer. This heat turns the e-juice into the vapor you see. E-cigarette vapor does not have carbon monoxide particles or tar, and the particles in the aerosol are liquid rather than solid. Harmful chemicals and metals are found in vapor, but only in small quantities. The degree of toxicants is minute compared to those found in smoke, which means the dangers of secondhand vaping are less significant than that of actual cigarettes. What constitutes a second hand vapor? When people vape inside a house, the secondhand vapor seen coming out of the mouths of the vapers in the room is a no side stream “vape smoke”.  This means as there is sidestream tobacco smoke […]
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Reasons to Vape Without Nicotine

The best part about vaping is your ability to choose your nicotine strength and that includes zero nicotine as an alternative. A lot of vapers begin vaping to stop the use of nicotine until they reach zero; using vapes to stop smoking and to stop their addiction to nicotine with nicotine free vape However, some vapers continue vaping without nicotine even after weaning off cigarettes.  Other people use both nicotine and non-nicotine juice while on the other hand, there are vapers that have never used nicotine at all and instead use CBD vape pens. There are a lot of options for nicotine-free vapes and many reasons to choose them. Before we proceed to talk about some reasons to vape without nicotine, check out our latest addition to our Disposable CBD vape pen, mirage vape, and mirage e-cig. Here are some justifications for how you can vape without nicotine Vaping with Nicotine free vapes is not addictive A vape with 0 mg nicotine ejuice comprises no addictive substance.  Nicotine is an additive to vapes. If nicotine is an addictive substance, possible addictiveness leaves with it.  It’s not like the case of decaffeinated coffee where caffeine is only mostly removed. The FDA-mandated labelling requirements allow only two labels for e-juice, whether it’s got nicotine in it or not. 1. You can take a nicotine break and still vape It’s not unusual for nicotine users to accidentally go overboard from time to time especially when they ate trying to understand their limits. With 0 mg juice, you can keep on vaping and give your system a total break. 2. Vapers get to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty Today a lot of vapers vape to curtail their excessive consumption of sugar or even snacking in general. Depending on the vaper’s condition, this […]
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How to Fly with Vapes and Carts on a Plane

You can travel with vaping devices like vape mods and vape pen. You can put them in carry-on luggage or your pockets but never in checked luggage. This applies to any kind of vapes that have lithium batteries. Even though nicotine e-liquid or extra pods can be packed in either carry-on or checked bags, federally regulated substances like cannabis products in small amounts, such as residue in devices—are prohibited on most flights overseas. Don’t risk it. Since there may be some minor variations in how TSA vape rules are made and applied by numerous airlines, it is reasonable to evaluate the specific airline rules before you fly. If you are travelling to an unfamiliar country/territory, ensure that you also check for the country’s local vaping laws before you leave.  Some countries have unconditional vape bans in which case flying with a vape pen should be the least of your worries! How to pack your e-juice, batteries, and devices for travel   Travelling by air should be very simple for vapers like vape mods and vape pen .They simply need to take a vape on a plane with extra batteries and their favourite liquid. They won’t experience any problems as long as they follow some basic rules and know the procedures. Packing vaping devices and batteries for travel As a result of several misgiving over fires in the cargo hold, all electronic devices and vape batteries need to be taken into the plane as you cannot put them in your checked baggage. This is an international rule, with no exceptions. If you ignore it and your luggage is x-rayed by the baggage handlers, you could lose not your devices and batteries but find your suitcase and items kept in your baggage roughed up. They might put your luggage at the departure […]
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Learning to inhale Vape Pen Properly

When vaping, the same premise applies to all vapes; there is a battery source (vape mod) that powers a heating element (coil) and vaporizes e-juice in a small chamber (atomizer). The user then inhales the vapor through a small mouthpiece. Many proficient users shop a la carte for mixing and matching vape parts, but novices are advised to stick to pre-packaged kits with everything included to guarantee appropriate compatibility. The extent of power in a vape mod generally instructs the ease of usage, as well as the knowledge expected to safely operate them. Here is a little view of how this works For Low power pod vapes, vape pens, e-cigarettes, AIOs (all-in-ones) There is no experience required for this It requires a small rechargeable battery unless it is a disposable e-cig It normally does not contain adjustable power It is concealable and ultra-portable It had medium power Some experience required For medium size rechargeable battery Having some experience required Knowing a bit of battery safety knowledge is recommended Batteries are rechargeable built-in or replaceable They often have adjustable power of up to 100 watts They are pocketable  even though rarely concealable For High power Box mods and Mechanical mods Having experience is a must They have multiple replaceable batteries which are rarely built-in They require battery safety knowledge They are pocketable but heavy and bulky They normally come with adjustable power of up to 200+ watts Please note that new users should purchase devices with built-in, non-removable batteries that can be charged rapidly in the device from a USB port. You could get options from our CBD vape 4 u and try out our Juul starter kit UK here How to vape The first thing you need to do is to keep it simple with the device you purchase. Simple […]
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7 Battery Safety Tips to Keep You Protected this season

Cbd vape batteries have more powerful cells which need to be handled carefully. Even though battery safety advice may seem like common sense to those who have prior knowledge of how it works, new vapers are on the other hand often handed a vape mod and a couple of 18650s without any advice on how to properly handle them. Note that this is not your regular mechanical mod safety manual. If you own a regulated vape mod that is powered by batteries like 18650s or 21700s, then this manual is for you. Ensure Your Battery Wraps Are Kept Intact Always make sure that you keep wraps of your batteries and ensure they are retained in a very pristine condition to avoid any form of malfunction.  If you notice a nick on the battery wrap, the safe thing to do is make sure you re-wrap the wraps. Battery wraps are quite cheap and very easy to put on. If you don’t have wraps, talk to your local cbd vape shop. Ensure you make use of the right batteries Some batteries are better used for low-wattage vaping while others are better for sub-ohm vaping. Some other batteries are not supposed to be used for vaping at all. When selecting batteries for your mod, ensure that they come in the relevant specs. Reading ratings on the wraps only can often be misleading. Check for independent battery reviews, and always stay below your battery’s Continuous Discharge Rate. Do Not Use Battery Cases Careless Do not throw batteries in your pockets or your bags when not in use.  Instead, purchase yourself a cheap plastic battery case, as vulnerable batteries might short circuit when they come in contact with metal objects. This may result in your battery venting and potentially exploding. Buying battery cases is a […]
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How to select your perfect e-liquids?

E-liquid is called “vape juice” by lots of people.  The E-liquid is a fluid used in vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. It creates the actual vapour. E-liquids can be classified into a few main categories, based on whether the liquid hits the back of your throat or the amount of vape “smoke” that you will exhale. Please note that what is exhaled isn’t smoke, it is a nicotine-infused vapour that has no combustion going on. Why Choose Perfect e-liquids Many E-liquids flavours are either called VG (because they are made from vegetable glycerin) or PG (because they are made from propylene glycol) and include water, nicotine, and food flavouring. E-liquids that have a VG bias tend to give the larger vapour clouds at the expense of a throat hit. Those with a PG bias provide the hit to the back of the throat that many trying to give up smoking want. The key things to put into consideration when buying e-liquids are the type of flavour, type of nicotine strength, and the VG/PG ratio. Once you have some knowledge regarding buying e-liquids you will be able to make fairly informed decisions on those. You quickly find out what e-liquid is suitable for you and you might enjoy vaping with it.  The other thing you should always put into consideration is where and who you are buying it from. Price and value for money should also be something that is important to you. We all like a discount but not if it’s going to end up in the bin. Let’s discuss the key things to put into consideration before purchasing e-liquids.  The Flavours E-liquid flavours may seem like they are very easy to choose like what you eat and drink every day. You might think this would be an easy thing to […]
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How Is Vaping More Effective Than Other Nicotine Replacement Therapies?

With the month of Stoptober almost upon us, an influx of smokers will sign up to the online campaign to try and give up the unhealthy habit for good. With many options for quitting cigarettes advertised and written about during this month-long stop smoking campaign, one that is often deemed the most effective are the many versatile products available at vape shops up and down the country.  From the Relx pod mod to the SMOK designed variable current mod, the versatility of vape devices has only grown in recent years. With more and more innovations and extensive research into this unique smoking cessation tool, it’s unsurprising that it is often the best support tool for giving up cigarettes. Apart from versatility, what is it about vaping that makes it such an important tool in the fight against smoking compared to, say the IQOS which uses similar heat not burn technology? Below you’ll find a full outline of why vaping has led hundreds of thousands of ex-smokers to give up tobacco for good.  How Does A Vaporiser Work? Much like the IQOS Heets, vape devices use heat not burn technology but instead of vaporising tobacco, it uses a tobacco-free liquid that is made up of nicotine, flavourings and two organic compounds as soluble carriers. Heat not burn technology works via a battery either installed or built into the vape device which when activated, heats up a coil and atomiser. This electrically generated heat, in turn, heats up e-liquid that has been administered into the vape device and is turned into vapour. This vapour is inhaled via a mouthpiece.  The Biological Benefits Of Heat Not Burn The reason why vaping has been proven by Public Health England to be 95% less dangerous than tobacco is that it does not use fire to […]
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Best Devices For Discreet Vaping

In the last decade, smoking bans have become increasingly prevalent. Due to the extensive research into the dangers of passive smoking, it’s unsurprising to find that many businesses, offices and public spaces have outright smoking bans on their premises. In some respects, vaping has been a dream come true for ex-smokers who might once have been avoided, given dirty looks or made to stand in the rain on account of their unhealthy habit. With the subtler smells and lack of toxins in second-hand vapour from the likes of the IQOS heat not burn device, ex-smokers can rest easy in knowing they are not debilitating the people or environment around them. Even so, many public spaces such as train platforms, underground subways and offices still do not permit vaping. Sometimes this is because of misinformation informing protocol and in some cases, it’s just down to common courtesy and etiquette. After all, no one wants their restaurant dinner disturbed by strong fragrances from the next table along – even if those smells are perfectly pleasant, they’re not what you ordered from the menu.  This blog will explore the types of vape devices and e-liquid that are considered the most “discreet”, giving you the opportunity to keep your vaping to yourself. All these types of vape products are readily available as well and easily bought both online and from vape shops near me. How To Vape Subtly Vaping subtly is a neat trick to have in the back pocket, especially if you’re in a public or crowded space and don’t want to bother anyone around you. Mouth to lung vaping is your best bet for subtler vaping, taking the vapour into your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs. This makes it a lot easier to control the exhale, letting the vapour out […]
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Nicotine Replacement – Points To Think About When Giving Up Smoking

Thinking shout giving up smoking? There are many reasons why tobacco can be difficult to give up, but with the modern world’s range of amazing smoking cessation tools, it’s easier than ever. That’s not to say it won’t be an uphill struggle, whilst many people who give up cigarettes for a less dangerous option like IQOS Heets find that they stick to it, there are always temptations to fall back into tobacco use.  That’s why this blog will outline some of the handy tips available for people trying to give up cigarettes. Whether you’re a heavy smoker or a light smoker, there’s always an alternative and whilst weaning yourself off nicotine entirely should be the main goal, there are always alternatives that are less damaging than tobacco. We’ll outline some of them in this blog, as well as some techniques to beat those cravings.  Know Your Habits When trying to quit it’s a good idea to factor in how many cigarettes a day you smoked. If you are planning on cutting out tobacco by using a vape device, then this will help you choose what concentration of e-liquid to buy from CBD Vape 4 U and other vape shops. E-liquids can come with a range of nicotine concentrations spanning from 3 mg to 20 mg per 10 ml bottle. That’s quite a difference! The best way to parallel the two is to know that 16 to 20 mg is the equivalent of nicotine to a heavy smoker, 9 12 as a medium smoker and 3 to 6 as a light smoker – that’s up to 5 cigarettes a day. A List Of Reasons To Quit When you feel like you’re floundering and may be tempted back to smoking, it’s a good idea to list a few reasons why you decided […]
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